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Implementing Observability - Level 2

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Observability is a critical concept in the field of IT operations. It refers to the ability to monitor and understand the behavior and performance of complex systems and services in real time. Centralized logging and aggregation are key components of an observability strategy, as they provide a centralized, real-time view of the state and behavior of a system.

In this learning objective, you'll be able to explore the concept of observability in more detail through the use of a hands-on lab that demonstrates how to implement observability in a real-world system. You'll begin by looking at the different components and systems that need to be monitored in a Kubernetes cluster, and how to identify the most important ones.

By the end of this learning objective, you will have a solid understanding of the concept of observability, and you will be able to monitor and probe your own systems and services. You will be able to set up and configure centralized logging and aggregation, and use this to monitor and understand the behavior and performance of your systems in real time.

The content in this course will teach you Implementing Observability to a level 2 standard. 

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to set up centralized logging and aggregation
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