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IoT isn’t anything new, companies have been using devices to measure and quantify data for a while now. So why is it that IoT has become a buzzword in recent years?

While there’s no one answer, there are a few contributing factors.

First, there are a lot of options for devices, and they’re reasonably inexpensive. With so many options for devices it provides a lot of potential for tools and languages. Having this sort of diversity with tools and languages ...

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Building an Information Display Solution with Azure IoT Hub As the title suggests, this course is about building an information display solution using Azure IoT Hub. However, it’s more than just that. If you’re new to IoT with Azure, then you probably have...

2 courses

Introduction to Azure IoT Hub IoT isn't anything new, in fact it's been something companies have been doing since before it was named IoT. So you might wonder, if it's not new, then why all the hype? It's a good question and the answer is complex. However ...

3 courses

Developing For The Raspberry Pi and Azure IoT Hub When it comes to IoT there are multiple layers. It’s not just an application deployed out on virtual machines, where the users interact with a web browser. In this course we’ll go through the process of set...

4 courses

Processing Azure IoT Hub Events and Data Once your data is in IoT Hub, you need to be able to access it; ideally with different processors. Using different processors allows you to break out the responsibilities of each. Azure provides a few options for p...

5 courses

An Introduction to Azure Functions Serverless Computing has emerged as a capable and low-friction means to execute custom logic in the public cloud. Whether you're using Amazon Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, or Azure Functions, you have a wide variety of ...

6 courses

An Introduction to Azure DocumentDB It's been common, if inconsistently applied, knowledge for many years that relational databases are a less-than-ideal fit for some types of software problems. Indeed, entire categories of software development tooling, su...

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Ben Lambert is the Director of Engineering and was previously the lead author for DevOps and Microsoft Azure training content at Cloud Academy. His courses and learning paths covered Cloud Ecosystem technologies such as DC/OS, configuration management tools, and containers. As a software engineer, Ben’s experience includes building highly available web and mobile apps.

When he’s not building the first platform to run and measure enterprise transformation initiatives at Cloud Academy, he’s hiking, camping, or creating video games.