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Ansible provides you with an automation engine that allows you to manage multiple facets of information technology. That means understanding how to get started with Ansible is important. The Introduction to Ansible learning path will help you to get you started using Ansible to automate common IT tasks. 

The first course will help you to understand some of the generic concepts of Ansible configuration and management. Followed by the course Getting Started With Ansible, where you'll go ...

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1 courses

A lot of options exist for configuration management and the different tools have different approaches to solving the same problem. It can be difficult to know where to start. This course is a high-level overview to help explain some of the concepts of confi...

2 courses

Getting Started With Ansible Cloud platforms, on-prem servers, dozens of operating systems, more language and frameworks than you can count, and you have to manage it all! These days even the "simple" application infrastructures have a lot of moving parts...

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Ansible Learning PathCourse 2Lab 1 NOTES: This lab starts assuming instructions were given to the user to login to their EC2 instance that was built using the provided AMI.  The default user is ‘ubuntu’.  The security group for the EC2 instance sh

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Getting Started With Ansible

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Ansible II

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An overview of Ansible Tower and Ansible Galaxy

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The Ansible Ecosystem

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Exam: Introduction to Ansible

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