Introduction to Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin

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 This Learning Path is designed to get you started with mobile app development using C#, .NET and Xamarin.

Learning Objectives

  • Set up a Visual Studio development environment targeting Andriod and iOS
  • Use XAML layouts to design screens
  • Streamline the user interface with Xamarin resources 
  • Implement page navigation
  • Use code to create dynamic page layouts
  • Adding controls and images with platform specifc customizations
  • Understand Xamarin's implementation of Model-View-ViewModel

Intended Audience

  • People who want to start developing cross platform mobile applications
  • C# developers who want to apply their knowledge to mobile development


  • Basic programming knowledge with exposure to .NET
  • Apart from the introduction course, the demostrations use Visual Studio for Windows


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Training Content

Course - Beginner - 29m
Introduction to Mobile Development with Xamarin
This course introduces Xamarin and how to use the software to develop mobile applications.
Course - Intermediate - 28m
Building a Xamarin Forms UI - Layout Containers
This course is a practical deep dive into the basics of using Xamarin Forms to design and layout a mobile app's user interface.
Course - Intermediate - 12m
Building a Xamarin Forms UI - Resources
In this course, we introduce resources as a means of streamlining the customizations and formatting of the UI elements.
Course - Intermediate - 12m
Building a Xamarin Forms UI - Code Behind
In this course, we manipulate a Xamarin Forms UI with C# in the code-behind file.
Course - Intermediate - 8m
Building a Xamarin Forms UI - Navigation
This course explains how to implement basic content page navigation using Xamarin Forms NavigationPage class.
Course - Intermediate - 18m
Building a Xamarin Forms UI - Controls
In this course, we create a page for entering basic user details, set up the controls in XAML, and use C# in the code-behind file to coordinate controls' actions.
Course - Intermediate - 34m
Xamarin Forms - MVVM
This course covers the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture template and how to use it when creating a Xamarin Forms app in Visual Studio.
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