Introduction to Machine Learning - Moving from Spreadsheets

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This learning path gives you a fully hands-on introduction to machine learning with a focus on databases. It is comprised entirely of our interactive hands-on labs which means that you will get practical experience from the get-go. 

You will begin by looking at machine learning models and create a custom model based on a categorized set of images. After that, you will move on to Natural Language Processing (NLP), a form of computer learning that can understand human speech and text to drive insights into human behavior. Through this learning path, you will gain familiarity with Natural Language Processing (NLP) concepts, and you'll be able to classify text and gather insights.

As you move on to the database section of the learning path, creating a basic MySQL Database in Amazon RDS, and populating it from a CSV, as well as learning how to use basic database queries against data. Then you'll see how to query an API, manipulate data, and store them in a database. You'll experience the complex processing of JSON data into multiple tables, and see how powerful Python is for data processing.

Additionally, students will gain a familiarity with the Amazon Comprehend UI, Amazon Rekognition, and Python concepts for interacting with NLP APIs and machine learning models.

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Learning Objectives

  • Understand a machine learning model training over a set of images concepts
  • Utilize Python to interact with the Amazon Rekognition Models to classify images
  • Learn and understand AWS Comprehend concepts
  • Utilize Python to interact with the Amazon Comprehend API to generate NLP classifications.
  • Learn and understand Amazon RDS Concepts
  • Utilize Python to interact with a MySQL database in Amazon RDS to ingest CSV Data
  • Learn how to query a newly populated database
  • Learn and Understand Querying an API
  • Learn how to process complex JSON data and how to store those results into a database

Intended Audience

This learning path is intended for:

  • Individuals starting out in machine learning, data engineering, and/or databases.
  • Anyone interested in custom training models, natural language processing, databases, and using Python with MySQL databases.


To get the most from the learning path, you should already have a basic to moderate understanding of Python, as well as a basic understanding of Amazon RDS.


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Learning Path Steps


This course discusses some of the fundamental concepts of data management and looks at the differences between spreadsheets and databases for managing data.


This lab is aimed at beginners who want to move beyond spreadsheets and migrate their data into a database.


This lab will walk you through the changing database schema requirements of a bug tracking application and how to handle them.


Knowledge Check: Introduction to Databases - Moving Beyond Spreadsheets

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