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If you have some experience with applications and now want to get started as a Python programmer this Learning Path is an ideal start point for you. 

This Learning Path guides you quickly through the background and basics of Python so you get you the skills and knowledge you need to get started quickly as possible. 

We begin this Learning Path with a fast track view of the language, features, functions before immersing ourselves in the skills required to build Internet applications in Python. 

The interactive Hands-on Labs enable you to get your hands dirty with the concepts we cover in the lectures / the exams enable you to prove your skills and progress quickly. If you are ready let's get started! 


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Learning Path Steps

1 courses

This course introduces the Introduction to Python learning path.

2 courses

In this first course, we introduce the Python language, the declaration model, and how variables and functions are used in python.

3 labs

This lab is designed to introduce you to the basics of coding with Python.

4 labs

This lab is designed to introduce you to coding with dates and times in Python, using the DateTime module.

5 courses

This course reviews and summarizes the Introduction to Python learning path.


This lab challenge provides you with partially written Python code in a web browser IDE that you must complete in order to pass all of the checks.

7 exam-filled

Exam: Introduction to Python

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