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If you have some experience with application development and now want to get started as a Python programmer this Learning Path is an ideal start point for you
This Learning Path is more practice than theory. The content has been curated to help you gain practical knowledge quickly using hands-on labs.

We begin this Learning Path with a fast track view of the language, features, functions before immersing ourselves in practical labs to help master the skills required to build Internet applications in Python. 

The Lab Challenge and assessment enable you to prove your skills and progress quickly to more advanced topics. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding of Python features 
  • Practical understanding of Python strings, dates, regular expressions and character classes


  • It will help to have an understanding of computing environments and ideally a programming language.
  •  If you are new to programming you may find the Python for Beginners Learning Path a better start point.  

Intended Audience

This Learning Path is suitable for anybody with good computer skills looking to progress quickly with the Python language. 


Your certificate for this learning path

Learning Path Steps


This course introduces the Introduction to Python learning path.


In this first course, we introduce the Python language, the declaration model, and how variables and functions are used in python.


This lab is designed to introduce you to the basics of coding with Python.


This lab is designed to introduce you to coding with dates and times in Python, using the DateTime module.


In this hands-on lab, you will learn about the character classes and quantifiers elements of Regular Expressions, and use them to match patterns in text.


In this hands-on lab, you will work with regular expressions, learning how to use quantifiers, anchors, and capture groups to match patterns in text.


Regular expressions are a powerful tool for searching and manipulating text. In this hands-on lab you will learn how to use them effectively in real-world scenarios.


Put your knowledge of Regular Expressions to the test in this hands-on lab challenge.


This lab challenge provides you with partially written Python code in a web browser IDE that you must complete in order to pass all of the checks.


This course reviews and summarizes the Introduction to Python learning path.


Final Exam: Introduction to Python

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