IT Security Fundamentals

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This is a beginner-level learning path designed to provide you with an introduction to Information technology security concepts. 

During this learning path, you will get an introduction to the concept of Information Security and you'll learn the basic concepts that pertain to the subject.

We then begin to answer the question, "What is information security and why do we need it?" We'll explore some of the frameworks, controls, and activities we can implement to control information security and manage risk in our IT infrastructure.

We'll also cover how cyberattacks are carried out and the threat actors behind them. We then look at ways of counteracting attacks through the use of ethical testing, and how to cope with an attack by implementing an incident response strategy. To round off the learning path, we briefly touch upon GDPR principles.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the fundamentals of information security and how it differs from information assurance
  • Learn about the CIA Triad
  • Understand the most common security frameworks in use today
  • Learn the basics of the ISO 27000 series framework
  • Key aspects of risk management including risk identification, risk mitigation, and risk controls
  • Obtain a foundational understanding of cyberattacks and cybersecurity
  • Learn the basics of GDPR 

Intended Audience

This learning path will suit anyone interested in understanding the fundamentals of security concepts from a business and technology perspective. 


This is a beginner-level learning path on information security, so you didn't need any prior knowledge on the subject, but having a basic understanding of computing concepts would be beneficial. 


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Training Content

Course - Beginner - 21m
Getting Started with Information Security
This course introduces you to the fundamentals of information security.
Course - Beginner - 9m
What is the CIA Triad?
This course looks at the CIA triad, which is an essential tenant of cybersecurity.
Course - Beginner - 17m
The ISO 27000 Series and Other Common Security Frameworks
This course explores the ISO 27000 series assurance framework as well as other common security frameworks adopted by organizations to maintain security in their operations.
Course - Beginner - 31m
Fundamentals of Information Security Risk Management
This Course looks at the key aspects of risk management including risk identification, risk mitigation, and risk controls.
Course - Beginner - 18m
Understanding Cyberattacks and How to Counter Them
In this brief course, we look at how cyberattacks are carried out and the various groups of people who have an interest in carrying out such attacks, otherwise known as threat actors.
Course - Beginner - 4m
Understanding GDPR
This brief course gives a general overview of GDPR and its six principles.
Exam - 45m
Final Exam: IT Security Fundamentals
Final Exam: IT Security Fundamentals
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Originating from a systems administration/network architecture career, a solid part of his career building networks for educational institutes. With security being a mainstay his implementation he grew a strong passion for everything cyber orientated especially social engineering. The educational experience led to him mentoring young women in IT, helping them to begin a cyber career. He is a recipient of the Cisco global cyber security scholarship. A CCNA Cyber Ops holder and elected for the CCNP Cyber Ops program.