Introduction to Java

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Want to get started with object orientated programming in a cloud environment?

This Learning Path will get you started with object orientated programming in Java 9. First we introduce you to the basics of Java - the core services, syntax, functions and modules. We then show you how to get started writing functions and applications - applying object orientated principles and using Java libraries. You can then progress on to our Advanced Java Programming Learning Path . This is a must do course for anyone looking to expand their development skills!  

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize and explain what Java is and the different versions of Java
  • Create Java classes 
  • Implement Java language statements, strings, fields, arrays and packages 
  • Apply object orientated development principles
  • Apply Java tools such as utility classes, Java date /time as JShell

Intended Audience
Anyone interested in learning to program with an object orientated language.


  • Basic understanding of computing environments 
  • Basic understanding of programming concepts 
  • Familiarity with working in command line interfaces

Content Outline

The Learning Path provides over 10 hours of instructional content delivered in 8 high definition instructional video lectures, 5 hands-on lab exercises and a final preparation exam. The content we cover is as follows: 

Introduction to the Java Platform
The Java Platform
Using the JDK
The Eclipse Paradigm

Getting Started with Java
Writing a Simple Class
Adding Methods to the Class

Essential Java Programming
Language Statements
Using Strings
Specializing in a Subclass
Fields and Variables
Using Arrays
Java Packages and Visibility

Using Strings
Language Statements
Using Strings
Specializing in a Subclass
Fields and Variables
Using Arrays
Java Packages and Visibility

Object Orientated Development
Inheritance and Polymorphism
Interfaces and Abstract Classes

Exception Handling
Introduction to exception handling

Java Developers Toolbox
Utility Classes
Java Date/Time
Formatting Strings

Introduction to JShell 


Your certificate for this learning path

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