AZ-100 Exam Preparation: Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment

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This learning path is designed to help you and your team prepare for the AZ-100 Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment exam. Even if you don't plan to take the exam, these courses and hands-on labs will help you gain a solid understanding of how to manage a variety of Azure services.

The AZ-100 and AZ-101 exams replace the older 70-533 exam, which will be retired on December 31, 2018. These two exams are part of Microsoft’s new role-based certification program. Candidates who pass both exams will earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification.

The AZ-100 exam tests your knowledge of five subject areas and that’s how we’ve structured this learning path as well. We’ll start with managing Azure subscriptions and resources. Next, we’ll get into implementing and managing storage, including Azure Storage, Azure File Sync, and Recovery Services Vault. Then you’ll learn how to deploy and manage virtual machines running either Windows or Linux. After that, we’ll go into configuring and managing enterprise-grade virtual networks. Finally, we’ll cover how to manage identities using Azure Active Directory, which is a managed version of Microsoft’s tried and true directory software.

Learning Objectives

  • Manage Azure subscriptions and resources
  • Implement and manage Azure storage
  • Deploy and manage Azure virtual machines
  • Configure and manage Azure virtual networks
  • Manage Azure identities

Intended Audience

  • IT professionals who want to become Azure cloud architects
  • IT professionals preparing for Microsoft’s AZ-100 exam


  • General knowledge of IT architecture


Your certificate for this learning path

Learning Path Steps

1 courses

This introduction to the Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment learning path gives an overview of the requirements for the Microsoft AZ-100 exam and how they will be covered. The 5 major subject areas are: Managing Azure subscriptions and resour...

2 courses

As an IT professional tasked with managing resources in Azure, it’s important to understand key administrative roles and permissions within a subscription and within a resource group. It’s also important to know how to leverage Role Based Access Control (RB...

3 courses

This course looks into how to capture log data and metrics from Azure services and feed this information into different locations for processing. We take a look at diagnostic logging, which can help to troubleshoot services, and create queries and alerts ba...

4 courses

The Azure Storage suite of services form the core foundation of much of the rest of the Azure services ecosystem. Blobs are low-level data primitives that can store any data type and size. Tables provide inexpensive, scalable NoSQL storage of key/value data...

5 exam-filled

Knowledge Check: Introduction to Azure Storage

6 labs

Working with Azure Storage using PowerShell, you will explore the different storage types, manage storage account keys, and generate shared access signatures.

7 labs

Azure File Sync centralizes your company's file shares in Azure Files. Azure File Sync transforms Windows Servers running on-premises or in the cloud into a quick cache of your Azure file share. When you choose Azure File Sync, you do not need to sacrifice ...

8 courses

 As the move to the cloud continues at a record pace, understanding how to properly backup and recover Azure virtual machines is becoming a key skill that every IT professional should possess. In this course, you will learn how to plan and deploy Azure Bac...

9 courses

Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines Virtual Machines are a very foundational and fundamental resource in Cloud Computing. Deploying virtual machines gives you more flexibility and control over your cloud infrastructure and services, however, it also me...

10 labs

Learn how to configure and start your first Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine (VM) from the Azure portal. Once running, you will connect to the VM via the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Basic VM controls are also explored, such as start, stop, restart and del...

11 exam-filled

Knowledge Check: Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines

12 labs

Using PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) on Windows, configure a DSC pull server and a DSC target node to pull its configuration from the pull server

13 labs

Lab Overview Automation plays a key role in the corporate agility and DevOps culture. This Lab illustrates how to automate the creation of resources in Azure, and the configuration of a Windows Server 2016 VM with the goal of setting up an Azure File Sync ...

14 courses

This course will introduce the Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (ARM) REST API, and how to interact with it using the Azure Cross-Platform (xPlat) CLI Tool and the ARM PowerShell module. The ARM interface is a web service that provides two primary mechanism...

15 exam-filled

Knowledge Check: Introduction to Azure Resource Manager

16 courses

Learn how to configure Microsoft Azure connectivity and name resolution with this expertly instructed course from Cloud Academy.  In this course, you will learn two different ways to connect virtual networks together. The course starts by teaching you how ...

17 labs

Understand when and why you would want to use Azure VNet peering in this Lab as you implement peering to solve a practical design challenge

18 courses

Introduction to Azure Virtual Networking (ARM) Cloud based virtual networks are software based, and they provide a standard way to organize and isolate Virtual Machines running in the cloud. A virtual network controls addressing, DNS settings, security pol...

19 exam-filled

Knowledge Check: Introduction to Azure Virtual Networking

20 courses

Azure Active Directory Security Azure Active Directory, commonly referred to as Azure AD, is Microsoft’s Identity and Access Management service in the Cloud. It manages users, groups, and applications along with their access to other applications and resou...

21 exam-filled

Knowledge Check: Azure Active Directory Security

22 courses

This short video gives you a list of some of the other resources you should review before taking the Microsoft AZ-100 exam.

23 exam-filled

Preparation Exam: Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment (AZ-100)


Jan 14 2019

Added "Analyzing Resource Utilization on Azure” course

Dec 18 2018

A new Lab has been added. The Lab explores automating Azure File Sync deployments on an Azure VM using PowerShell and the VM Agent Custom Script Extensions.

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