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Neo4j Graph Databases: A Firsthand Approach

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Want to get a practical understanding of graph databases and Neo4j? This hands-on course is your crash course on the topic and will provide you with the practical skills necessary to create and manage graph databases with Neo4j.

As you make your way through this course, you will follow a natural progression for learning how to use Neo4j. We begin by looking at what the service is and getting you acquainted with the core principles of graph databases and how to install Neo4j to an Amazon EC2 instance.

Next, you will learn about Cypher, the programming language used by Neo4j, and with that, you will learn how to create nodes and relationships to populate a graph database. Then we move on to using Cypher to query a Neo4j graph database.

Then it's time to put your newly acquired skills to the test: in the Neo4j Graph Data challenge, you will have to prove your knowledge by using Cypher to set up a Neo4j environment and populate a graph database.

We round off the course with a lab playground, which essentially allows you to play around with the Neo4j service however you like. There are no objectives and guidelines, just let your imagination run wild in a safe, sandboxed Neo4j environment where you can experiment with the service.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the core principles of graph databases and the Neo4j service
  • Learn the Cypher programming language used with Neo4j
  • Create, manage, and query graph databases using Neo4j

Intended Audience

  • Data engineers who want to start using Neo4j and a graph database solution
  • Developers who want to perform queries using Cypher


This course takes an introductory look at Neo4j and graph databases and therefore does not have any prerequisites, although some existing experience with databases and programming languages would be beneficial.

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