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Omnichannel Best Practice for Pharma & Healthcare

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Duration: 2 minutes and 10 seconds
Omnichannel Best Practice for Pharma & Healthcare Introduction
Welcome to this lesson on Omnichannel Best Practice for Pharma & Healthcare.
Duration: 8 minutes and 56 seconds
Putting the Customer First
Putting the customer first is an essential part of omnichannel. We look at the mindset your brand must adopt if they are to succeed with omnichannel marketing and how they can best prepare for it. We also look at the importance of customer journey mapping so that you can deliver more relevant experiences and communications with different customer groups.
Duration: 7 minutes and 28 seconds
We start by looking at Customer Relationship Management - or CRM systems, and how they can help you sequence communications and deliver a more effective omnichannel experience to customers. We then look at some examples of artificial intelligence - or AI - and how they are impacting the world of omnichannel, helping brands to work smarter and more efficiently.
Duration: 11 minutes and 6 seconds
Omnichannel in Practice
Omnichannel will require you to take a critical look at your campaigns and find ways to optimize your process as you go along. Here, we take a step-by-step look at how you can plan and optimize a campaign with a practical example. We then finish by looking at some common challenges brands may face along with how they can prepare effectively.
Duration: Up to 5 minutes
Omnichannel Best Practice for Pharma & Healthcare Post-Assessment
Omnichannel Best Practice for Pharma & Healthcare Post-Assessment

In this course we detail how omnichannel principles work to deliver tailored, seamless, and optimized experiences to the customer.

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