Oracle Certified Master - Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect

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If your goal is to become a Java EE developer or simply improve your knowledge of Java Enterprise Edition, this is the learning path for you!

The Java EE 6 certificate program has been removed from the oracle certificate programs. However, since the subjects included in this certificate program are the basic components of enterprise edition programming, it will be of great advantage to you to learn these subjects in preparation for other Java certificate programs from Oracle. In addition, the skills you will obtain throughout this learning path will be highly beneficial to you for any enterprise edition project.

This learning path is project-based and we will work through a lot of Java projects throughout, including more than 40 coding exercises. These will give you real-world experience with Java Enterprise Edition.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this learning path, you will have an in-depth understanding of the following concepts and features:

  • The fundamentals of Java and how it works
  • Programming with Java
  • Eclipse
  • Java Development Kit - JDK
  • Java Runtime Environment – JRE
  • Glassfish
  • All Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming
  • Non-Functional Requirements
  • Exception Handling
  • Integrating Enterprise Resources (EAI)
  • Java Server Face 
  • Facelets
  • Ajax 
  • Servlet
  • Web Services
  • JAX-WS
  • JAX-RS
  • Enterprise Java Beans
  • SOLID Principles
  • Well-Known Design Patterns
  • j2EE Design Patterns
  • Context and Dependency Injection
  • Java Persistence API
  • Java EE Security
  • Java Messaging Service

Intended Audience

This learning path is designed for anyone who wants to:

  • Obtain an Oracle Java EE Certification
  • Gain a greater understanding of Java Enterprise Edition in general
  • Learn Java EE Programming 
  • Increase their career prospects


To get the most out of this learning path, you should have the following:

  • Basic knowledge in Java programming
  • Java SE Knowledge
  • Windows OS (64-bit) is preferable but is not mandatory. You can also use other operating systems such as Mac OS or Linux.


Your certificate for this learning path

Training Content

Course - Beginner - 2m
Learning Path Introduction
This course introduces the Oracle Java EE 6 learning path.
Course - Beginner - 56m
Java EE 6 Environment Setup
This course takes an introductory look at Java Enterprise Edition and walks you through the environment setup process.
Course - Intermediate - 2h 32m
Common Java EE Architecture
This course provides an in-depth look into Java EE architecture and includes examples of the types of questions found on the Oracle Java EE certification exam.
Course - Beginner - 1h 16m
Building Web Applications with Java EE 6
This course explores the fundamentals of web applications, JavaServer Faces, and how to use its various components.
Course - Intermediate - 25m
Introduction to Facelets
In this course, we explore the fundamentals of Facelets and composite components and then go through a practical example of the creation of a Facelets project.
Course - Intermediate - 1h 4m
Working with Servlets
This course provides a comprehensive overview of servlets, including the main components, and then demonstrates a couple of examples of servlets in use.
Course - Intermediate - 16m
Using Ajax for Java Web Applications
In this course, we explore Ajax and how it is used in Java web applications as well as how to use Ajax with JavaServer Pages (JSP) and JavaServer Faces (JSF).
Course - Intermediate - 11m
Introduction to Java Web Services
In this course, we get to the bottom of what Java Web Services are and then move on to look at the various concepts related to them.
Course - Intermediate - 33m
Working with JAX-WS
In this course, you will learn about JAX-WS, a SOAP (simple object access protocol) web service used by Java, as well as its main components.
Course - Intermediate - 1h 8m
Working with JAX-RS
This course takes an in-depth look at Java API for RESTful Web Services, otherwise known as JAX-RS.
Course - Intermediate - 41m
Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)
In this course, we'll cover the basics of Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) before moving on to explore the various components of the service.
Course - Intermediate - 32m
Exploring the SOLID Principles in Java
This course looks at the five SOLID principles starting with a little bit of their history before moving on to cover each principle in more detail.
Course - Intermediate - 4h 56m
Using Design Patterns in Java Projects
This course takes an in-depth look at how to use design patterns in your Java projects.
Course - Intermediate - 16m
Context and Dependency Injection within Java EE
This course explores Context and Dependency Injection (CDI) within Java EE. We'll look at what it is, as well as beans in CDI and CDI qualifiers.
Course - Intermediate - 35m
Working with Java Persistence APIs
This course covers the Java Persistence API, or JPA, which is designed to persist data between Java objects and relational databases.
Course - Intermediate - 2h 6m
Security in Java EE 6
This course takes an in-depth look at security in Java Enterprise Edition.
Course - Intermediate - 1h 24m
Java Message Service Concepts
This course covers the Java Message Service (JMS) API and its main concepts. Finally, we will look through example questions.
Exam - 1h
Final Exam: Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect
Final Exam: Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect
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