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PPC Best Practice

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Duration: 2 minutes and 9 seconds
PPC Best Practice Introduction
Welcome to this course on PPC Best Practice.
Duration: 12 minutes and 19 seconds
Setting Your Strategy & Creating Your Ads
We take a look at some of the goals you might want to achieve with your PPC campaigns, explain how to go about setting up your Google Ads account, the ways you can go about choosing your keywords and how to write ad copy and design your landing pages.
Duration: 8 minutes and 13 seconds
Running Ad Campaigns
We look at the targeting criteria you might use to get your PPC ads in front of the right people - from demographic segments to targeting based on affinity. We also explain quality score and ad rank and look at how they impact the cost you pay per click. Finally, we look at how you can use both manual and automated bidding strategies to optimize how much you pay for your PPC ads.
Duration: 5 minutes and 29 seconds
Evaluation & Optimization
We explore some of the metrics you can use to keep track of how well your PPC ads are performing, from cost per click to conversion rate and return on ad spend. Then we explain attribution modeling and look at how you can use it to assign credit to the PPC ads that lead to a conversion.
Duration: Up to 5 minutes
PPC Best Practice Post-Assessment
PPC Best Practice Post-Assessment

Pay per Click (PPC) plays a crucial role in marketing strategy. We explore the tactics and strategies you need to employ in order to win in this powerful search marketing discipline.

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