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Learning Path Overview

The Product Owner Learning Path aims to introduce learners to the Scrum project management methodology, as well as a more in-depth look at the Product Owner role. The modules take the learner through all of the key areas of Scrum, as well as some of the other Agile concepts that underpin Scrum to be able to understand and implement scrum as a working methodology within their organization. The aim of the course is to enable the learner to be able to pass a Level 1 Product Owner certification.

The learning path starts with an introduction to Scrum and Agile, and aims to get the learner to understand the principles and values of the methodology.  

The second looks at the artifacts that enable a scrum team, and how each of the scrum team members interact with them. 

The third module covers the Scrum Roles that comprise a scrum team. 

The fourth looks at the 5 Scrum Events that occur. Their purpose is examined, as well as how they should be used by the Scrum Team. 

The fifth focuses on the Product Owner, and what they’re specialisms within the team, including Product Backlog Refinement, Empiricism-Based management, and creating an inspiring Product Vision, amongst others.  

The final Module examines some other Scrum and Agile concepts, including some additional methodologies and techniques that can be implemented. Whilst not necessary, learners may find them useful.  

The learning path ends with next steps, and provides directions on how the learner can get certified as a Scrum Master. 

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Intended Audience

The Product Owner Learning Path is for anyone looking to implement the Scrum framework from the role of a Product Owner. It is also beneficial for those within an organization accountable for getting the most out of Scrum, including Scrum Masters, managers, and Scrum Team members. 

Prerequisites of the Certifications

Learners will make the most of the learning path if they have: 

Studied the  Scrum Guide.  

Passed the  Scrum Open assessment.  

Learning Objectives

This learning path covers these subject areas:  

  • Agile 
  • The Agile Manifesto 
  • Scrum  
  • The Scrum Guide  
  • Scrum Development Team  
  • Scrum Master  
  • Product Owner  
  • Product Backlog  
  • Sprint Backlog 
  • Backlog Refinement  
  • The Definition of Done  
  • The Increment  
  • Minimum Viable Product  
  • Minimum Features Implemented  
  • Sprint Planning  
  • The Daily Scrum  
  • The Sprint  
  • Sprint Review  
  • Sprint Retrospective  
  • Release Management  
  • Product Backlog Management  
  • Evidence Based Management  
  • Product Value  
  • Product Vision  
  • Product Value  
  • Agile concepts of Value  
  • Kanban  
  • AgilePM  
  • DSDM  
  • Estimation & Relative Estimation 


This Learning Path contains videos, PDFs, and other resources for four courses.  


We welcome all feedback and suggestions - please contact us at qa.elearningadmin@qa.com to let us know what you think. 


Your certificate for this learning path

Learning Path Steps


We begin with an introduction to Scrum and what you can expect from the videos in this learning path.


This Module will look at the basics of what Agile and Scrum are, including the Agile principles and values, and the Scrum principles and Values.


Knowledge Check: Introduction to Agile & Scrum


This course introduces the three different artifacts available to a Scrum team: the Product Backlog, the Sprint Backlog, and the Increment. It also looks at the “Definition of Done” within Scrum.


Knowledge Check: Scrum Artefacts


This module introduces the three different roles in a Scrum Team: the Development Team, the Scrum Master and the Product Owner. This module is made up of Videos, followed by a quiz to help support your understanding.


Knowledge Check: The Scrum Team


This module introduces the five different events that happen in Scrum: Sprint Planning, the Daily Scrum, The Sprint, the Sprint Review and the Sprint Retrospective. This module is made up of Videos, followed by a quiz to help support your understanding.


Knowledge Check: Scrum Events


This module looks at some other concepts that exist in agile and scrum, including Value, Kanban, estimation, and others


Knowledge Check: Useful Agile Tools


This module takes the learner through a more detailed look at the Product Owner role and covers some of the key areas and tasks that a Product Owner does. This module is made up of videos, followed by a quiz to help support your understanding.


This video will cover the next steps you can take to get certified as a Product Owner.


Knowledge Check: Product Owner Specifics

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