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Ready to take your Python programming skills to the next level?

The Pythonic Programming Learning Path is your one-stop guide to mastering Python. It contains detailed explanations of many advanced Python language features which when employed will ensure your code is clean, consise, readable, and maintainable. By taking this Leaning Path, you'll acquire practical guidance on how to apply Pythonic features to your own codebase. As you progress through the Learning Path, you'll discover key Python language features which will help you to become more productive!

By taking this Learning Path, you'll advance your Python programming skills to an advanced level, enabling you to build rock solid enterprise-ready scripts. 

This is a must do course for anyone looking to master the Python programming language!  

Learning Objectives

  • Deepen your knowledge of advanced features of the Python language
  • Be able to put into use the advanced features of the Python language to build and script robust enterprise-grade applications
  • Understand how and when to apply Pythonic language features, such as Lambdas, Generator Functions, List Comprehensions, Decorators and many more  

Intended Audience

  • Software Engineers interested in advancing their Python skills
  • Anyone interested in advanced Python application development and associated tooling
  • Anyone interested in understanding the advanced areas and features of Python


  • A basic understanding of the Python language 
  • A basic understanding of software development
  • A basic understanding of the software development life cycle 

Content Outline

This Learning Path provides over 5 hours of instructional content delivered in 4 high definition instructional video lectures, 2 Hands-on Lab exercises and a final preparation Exam. The content we cover is as follows: 

  • Pythonic Programming
    Writing Pythonic code
    Tuples, Lists, Sets, and Dictionaries
    Iterables and List, Set, and Dictionary Comprehensions
    Lambda Functions, Generator Functions and Expressions
    String Formatters and Formatting
  • Python Functions, Modules, and Packages
    Writing and defining functions
    Function input parameters and how to use them
    Creating Modules
    Loading Modules using the import statement
    Module discovery at runtime
  • Python Classes
    Writing classes and class constructors
    Creating class methods
    Adding class properties
    Working with objects created from classes
    Class inheritance
    Implementing special methods
  • Python Metaprogramming
    Metaprogramming explained
    Accessing Local and Global variables by name
    Inspection of objects at runtime
    Manipulation of objects at runtime
    Monkey Patching
    Decorators for classes and functions


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