Shell Scripting - Level 2

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Shell Scripting is an important skill to master in the domain of system administration. Developing scripts to replace manual tasks ensures that commands are executed in the right sequence, with the right parameters, and can be done so repeatedly without fear of mistakes. This learning path teaches you how to perform Shell Scripting to automate and remove toil from your day to day job role.

The content in this learning path will teach you Shell Scripting to a level 2 standard. 

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to develop Bash scripts to automate and remove toil in Linux environments
  • Be able to develop Powershell scripts to automate and remove toil in Windows environments
  • Be able to schedule scripts to execute automatically using services such as crontab
  • Be able to manage and maintain scripts Vim


Your certificate for this learning path

Training Content

Course - Beginner - 2m
Bash Scripting and Shell Programming — Introduction
This brief Course provides an introduction to the Bash Scripting and Shell Programming Learning Path, outlining the content and explaining what you can expect to get out of it.
Course - Intermediate - 24m
PowerShell Byte Session
In this course, you will about the basic parts and patterns of PowerShell, different ways to get help at the command line, and how to use pipelines to create powerful chains of commands.
Course - Intermediate - 2h 10m
Intermediate Linux Skills
This course looks at intermediate-level skills for those who already know a bit about Linux but want to enhance that knowledge.
Course - Beginner - 11m
Vim Quickstart
This course covers modes in Vim and looks at the command-line version of Vim, covering how to create and edit files using it.
Course - Beginner - 42m
Vim Essentials
This course explores the essentials of working with Vim, namely how to navigate around files and how to delete text.
Course - Beginner - 17m
The Vim Help System
This brief course shows you around the Vim Help System with a view to helping you become self-sufficient when learning Vim, and so that you know where to go when you need help.
Course - Intermediate - 30m
Deleting, Yanking, and Putting in Vim
This course shows you how to cut, copy, and paste text, otherwise known as deleting, yanking, and pulling in Vim.
Course - Intermediate - 59m
Transforming and Substituting Text in Vim
This course looks at how to insert, change, replace, and join text in Vim as well as how to carry out search, find, and replace.
Course - Intermediate - 29m
Vim Visual Mode
This course gives you a practical understanding of how to use Visual Mode in Vim in order to edit text.
Course - Intermediate - 40m
Vim Buffers and Windows
This course covers how to open up multiple files or multiple buffers, and navigate between them and view them at the same time using windows.
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