Shell Scripting - Level 3

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The ability to automate batch scripts is essential to any operational function, shell scripting is an essential skill to drive such automation. By leveraging unix-based shell scripts a tremendous amount of automation and efficiencies can be introduced, enhancing the function of operational management and oversight for key systems reliability and engineering.

The content in this learning path will teach you Shell Scripting to a level 3 standard. 

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to analyze issues/errors recorded in log files, and apply appropriate fixes to scripts
  • Be able to create scripts which are resilient to intermittent problems such as networking issues
  • Be able to debug and step through scripts in complex distributed environments
  • Be able to secure scripts, executing them as a non-root user with least privileged permissions.


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Training Content

Course - Intermediate - 20m
Shell Script Debugging
In this lesson, you will learn about the options built into Bash that will help you find and fix errors in your shell scripts.
Course - Intermediate - 3h 7m
Linux Network Scripting & Automation of Distributed Systems
This course explores a variety of practices for setting up a network on Linux, managing Linux systems remotely, and automating and monitoring processes.
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