Using SQL in Azure Databricks to Answer Business Questions

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Learning Path overview

This learning path is aimed at assessing your ability to answer business questions using SQL in Azure Databricks. 

The learning path uses the Azure Databricks and Data Lake Storage lab playground to provide you with a real Databricks environment to run SQL queries in. There is also a custom resource instructing you on how to load the exam data into Azure Databricks before beginning the exam.

Intended Audience

This learning path is aimed at individuals that have developed proficiencies in Databricks and SQL.


It is essential you understand Azure Databricks and SQL before attempting this learning path.

To fulfill the prerequisites you can complete the Using Azure Databricks to Import and Analyze Data lab and the SQL Language lab.

Learning Path Objectives

By the end of the learning path, you will have assessed your knowledge of: 

  • Azure Databricks
  • SQL 


Your certificate for this learning path

Learning Path Steps


Practice using Azure Data Lake Storage and Azure Databricks to load, analyze and visualize data by creating a Databricks cluster and notebook and using them to work with data.


A guide to prepare you to take the Using SQL in Azure Databricks to Answer Business Questions exam.


Using SQL in Azure Databricks to Answer Business Questions

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