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AWS Data Analytics Processing Challenge

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Lab Steps

Data Analytics Processing Challenge
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Time Limit

1h 15m



About Lab Challenges

Lab challenges are hands-on labs with the gloves off. You jump into an auto-provisioned cloud environment and are given a goal to accomplish. No instructions, no hints. To pass, you'll have a limited time to demonstrate your problem-solving skills and get the checks that inspect the state of your lab environment.

Challenge Description

Put your skills to the test in this data analytics lab. Complete a data analytics processing solution before time runs out.

You will need to be familiar with Amazon's Data Analytics services and associated tools in order to complete a partially built solution for processing log data from an EC2 instance using Amazon Kinesis, AWS Lambda, and Amazon S3.

What will be assessed

  • AWS EC2, S3 and Lambda knowledge
  • AWS Data Analytics knowledge

Intended audience

  • Candidates for the AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty certification
  • Cloud Enginners
  • Data Engineers


  • Completion of the Collecting Log Data with Kinesis Agent and Querying with Amazon Athena lab is recommended before attempting this challenge
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