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Amazon Web Services Training Library

The demand for the workforce to be able to operate in the cloud is growing exponentially. Cloud Academy offers easy access to the new generation of cloud training, for professionals and enterprise. The Amazon Web Services Training Library is a hub of highly-rated resources including learning paths, courses, labs, quizzes, and exams to enable you to get the right training to put you on the right track for AWS success.


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Getting Started with Amazon Web Services

Over 1000 companies trust and rely on our platform to help them with successful AWS migration and training across their organizations. Our AWS Training Library has a large selection of Learning Paths to get you started with Amazon Web Services through Hands-on Labs, Exams, QuizzesCourses, Lab Challenges, and Lab Playgrounds.

AWS Certifications

Does your company require you to have an AWS Certification? The best preparation for certification exams is practical experience. Our certification training is more dynamic than ever. Mixing theory and practical work, you are able to absorb all the information you need to succeed. Once you feel comfortable with the facts and have gained some applied experience from our AWS Hands-on Labs, you can tackle our final exam simulation with confidence.

Featured AWS Labs

Gain the hands-on experience that you need to succeed in using AWS with our AWS Labs. The labs listed below are a sample of some of our best AWS Labs to give you the real-time, applied training you need to push yourself to the next level. You can find all of our labs in the AWS Labs Library.


AWS Security and Governance

Security is essential for every deployment, and we have a wealth of content surrounding the myriad AWS security and governance services to help you keep your IT infrastructure safe. Understand how to protect, secure, prevent, and identify weaknesses, threats, and risks, while adhering to cloud governance and compliance programs. Start learning today and protect your cloud environment!

AWS for Developers

The possibilities and realms of what can be achieved by developers have exploded exponentially thanks to the Amazon Web Services platform. Drive your company forward by concentrating on business solutions and unlock the potential of your development team by introducing the best practices, frameworks, and service knowledge that AWS has to offer. This content will show you how!

AWS Machine Learning and AI

As machine learning and artificial intelligence become increasingly widespread, the implications for businesses are truly exciting. Equip yourself and your team with the right AWS tools and resources to pioneer success within your enterprise. We have the subject covered with this selection of content designed to launch you into the world of machine learning!

AWS Monitoring and Logging

Are your solutions operating and performing as expected? Monitoring and logging solutions can be implemented in AWS to provide you and your team with a wide range of critical data, enabling you to enhance your cloud infrastructure. Learn how to garner insights about your resources with our pick of content that will show you how to run an optimal and efficient cloud environment.

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