Use Terraform to Create an Azure Load Balanced Web App

Lab Steps

Access the CloudAcademy IDE
Create a Terraform template to provision an Azure Load Balanced Web App

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Time Limit1h


Terraform is an infrastructure automation tool that allows companies to manage infrastructure through code. This provides many benefits such as greater recovery, predictability, and speed. Infrastructure as code is quickly becoming a standard for managing cloud resources and is widely practiced among the top high performing companies.

In this lab, you'll learn how to use Terraform to provision a load balanced static HTML5 3D Globe web application. The web app will be deployed to 2 backend VMs which will themselves be configured to sit in a backend pool behind the load balancer. The load balancer will be configured with a public IP address, enabling external HTTP traffic to flow through it.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this intermediate level lab, you'll be able to:

  • Use Terraform to init, plan, and apply Azure infrastructure
  • Use Terraform to create a load balanced web app using Linux based infrastructure
  • Configure an Azure Load Balancer to send traffic to Nginx based web servers

Intended Audience

  • Anyone interested in learning how to use Terraform to provision Azure infrastructure
  • Cloud Architects
  • DevOps Engineers


Familiarity with the following will be beneficial but is not required:

  • Basic understanding of Azure
  • Basic understanding of Terraform

The following content can be used to fulfill the prerequisite:

Environment before
Environment after
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