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Aviatrix makes cloud networking as simple and dynamic as cloud compute and storage

Aviatrix is a hybrid cloud networking company helping customers connect to the cloud at scale. They offer end-to-end secure, automated routing that helps organizations monitor, manage, and automate the handling of their VPC networks.

The Aviatrix curriculum covers solutions for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Their solutions enable connectivity between data center-public cloud, between public clouds, between different clouds, and through VPN.

‘While compute and storage are easy to do in the cloud today, networking is not. We are pleased to be partnering with Cloud Academy to provide content and educational resources that helps organizations understand how to simplify networking for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.’

Frank Cabri, Vice-president, Marketing at Aviatrix

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    Technology Partner

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    Aviatrix provides Software-Defined Cloud Routing for engineers to easily and securely route traffic across any public cloud, on-premises edge networks, and remote users.

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Cloud-like Simplicity

Single, centralized console for visibility, control, and orchestration of cloud networking – including cloud providers’ native services

Infrastructure as Code

API driven automation that integrates with all major public cloud providers' native infrastructure

Built-in Security

Integrated Firewall, VPC segmentation and VPC egress filtering policy controls are baked in rather than bolted on afterward

High Performance Encryption

10X throughput for IPSec traffic without the software performance bottlenecks – and available wherever you need it


Deploy, configure and monitor Multicloud connectivity for AWS, Azure, Google and On- premises resources as if it were a single network environment

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