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Scale infrastructure with cost in mind


SpotInst provides an application scaling service called Elastigroup along with a serverless container platform to help organizations save up to 80% on their cloud infrastructure and storage costs.

Elastigroup uses predictive algorithms to reliably leverage Spot Instances and is compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, enabling rapid orchestration while removing risk and complexity to provide simple orchestration and management at scale.

We have partnered with SpotInst to provide platform training around Elastigroup, which includes all the resources and curriculum to get started.

Help your team scale in the cloud with ease and confidence.

Learn more about Elastigroup and the Containers Service.

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Practical Curriculum

Learn what is needed to save costs on cloud computing so you can focus on your innovation priorities.

Always Updated Content

Have peace-of-mind knowing that your team is always learning the most up-to-date best practices used by industry leaders.

“Cloud costs are top of mind for today’s savvy technology executive. Spotinst’s Elastigroup platform helps organizations save money so they can spend time innovating. With our platform content placed alongside Cloud Academy’s deep content library, organizations can take their capabilities to the next level. “

Kevin McGrath, Vice President of Architecture at Spotinst

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