About The Team

Stefano Bellasio

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Entrepreneur and Engineer. Stefano started his first company 10 years ago in the web hosting industry. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, education and product development, and is now reimagining the intersection of e-learning, cloud skills and technology at Cloud Academy.

Giacomo Marinangeli

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

With a Computer Science background, Giacomo has a long experience as a Sr. Software Engineer and Project Manager on several IT Projects for small and big companies. He loves creating products with Python, Django, Linux, PostgreSQL and Javascript.

Anthony Russell


Anthony has 20 years of experience in the IT sector with eight years focused on Cloud Computing and a further 10 years focused on mobility, new media and telecommunications. Anthony helped found the AWS business in Asia starting their regional Technology Partner ecosystem, he has also held program and product management, architectural, development and directorship roles at IBM, Fujitsu, News International, C-Bridge, Whispir and Telstra.

Alex Brower

VP, Marketing

Alex excels at aligning go-to-market strategy with financial, marketing, and sales tactics via measurable and transparent business metrics and staff performance management. Prior to joining Cloud Academy, Alex was VP Operations at Apteligent, a mobile user experience analytics platform, which was acquired by VMware. Before that, he was Director of Finance at Orion's Mind, a Chicago-based education startup. He's an enthusiast of technology, hiking, birding, kayaking, playing tennis, and stick shifts.


Dustin Oxborrow

VP, Sales

Dustin has enjoyed a 20-year history of accomplishment in Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Customer Success & Company Formation. He graduated with a BS in Business Leadership from the University of San Francisco with top honors, and was awarded admittance to Alpha Sigma Nu Honors Society. In his spare time he enjoys the thrills of international travel and of restoring classic cars.

Randy Streu

VP, Global Partners

Randy has over 20 years of experience building and selling leading edge software solutions to companies of all sizes. Randy's passion is helping partners grow their business by offering the latest solutions to their customers. Prior to joining Cloud Academy, Randy was VP of Strategic Alliances and Business Development at Sumo Logic, a SaaS based machine data analytics platform. Prior to Sumo Logic, he held executive positions in both public and private technology companies leading business and product development.

Andrew Larkin

Head of Content

Andrew is an AWS certified professional who is passionate about helping others learn how to use and gain benefit from AWS technologies. Andrew has worked for AWS and for AWS technology partners Ooyala and Adobe. His favorite Amazon leadership principle is "Customer Obsession" as everything AWS starts with the customer. Passions around work are cycling and surfing, and having a laugh about the lessons learnt trying to launch two daughters and a few start ups.

Claudio Lo Cascio

Customer Support Lead

With over 10 years of experience managing IT departments in different enterprise companies, Claudio understands business and customer needs relating to IT. He spent 9 years in Australia where the multicultural environment opened his mind in many ways. He is passionate about photography, hiking, and traveling to get to know new places and cultures.

Thomas Innocenti

Account Executive

Thomas has always loved technology, and he found a unique opportunity to combine his skills in solving customer problems and the passion for a constantly changing industry in Cloud Academy. With the rapidly changing cloud technology landscape a new training paradigm is needed and Thomas is excited to bring that to Cloud Academy customers!

Jeremy Cook

DevOps Content Lead

A creative thinker at heart, Jeremy enjoys building AWS course content as part of the CloudAcademy Content team. Always up for an exciting new challenge, Jeremy enjoys creating compelling and innovative technical content that helps our students to learn. He has a strong background in development and coding, and has been hacking with various languages, frameworks, and systems for the past 20+ years. Of recent times, Jeremy has been preoccupied with all things Cloud, with a touch of DevOps, Infrastructure as Code, CICD, Machine Learning, Serverless - basically all that really cool modern tech that empowers businesses to do things better!  

Marco Galletti

Product Manager

Sr. Software Architect with experience working for many IT Companies. Marco is passionate about modern technologies and loves developing and experimenting with the emerging tech tools. He's interested in swimming, Bitcoin, wearable devices and math.

Mark Guiditta

Strategic Account Manager

Mark has been in the IT training industry for all of his professional career. He is Cloud Sales Certified and has a passion for helping organizations meet their business goals. He has been a strategic education advisor to several of the Fortune 500 companies across many verticals and also has worked extensively with many branches of the Military, DoD, and Federal Government Contractors. In his spare time, Mark enjoys CrossFit, disc golf, NFL football, and participating in outdoor activities with his two golden doodles.

Nicole Deppermann

Inside Sales Rep

Nicole received her Business Degree at the University of Missouri and went on to complete her Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA). Upon graduation, she began a career in SaaS sales. Nicole finds fulfillment in building relationships with customers and helping them obtain the best solution to fit their needs.

Francesca Vigliani

Digital Marketing Specialist

From the world of intelligence to that of digital and traditional PR, Francesca's passion for organising events has followed her around the world, from university to her working career. She currently covers the role of Digital Marketing Specialist, overseeing Cloud Academy's global event strategy. She's always up for a challenge and likes the hustle and bustle of putting together an event. When she's not working, you'll most likely find her at a concert or music festival around Europe.


Rachel Svelan

HR Manager

Based in Swiss office, Rachel works with her Hiring Managers to identify the best candidates to fill the growing number of open positions at Cloud Academy, while also working to ensure that all team members are taken care of as best as possible. In her free time Rachel loves exploring Europe and taking Italian cooking classes.

Serena Rossetti

Finance Specialist

Serena has a Management and Economics background and she is really passionate about numbers. Having worked at Ernst and Young as an auditor, and recently for a multinational company in the corporate consolidation department, she likes to continuously improve her technical finance skills. She loves travelling and she spends her free time mostly taking walks and playing with her daughter.

Mark Smith

Solutions Engineer

Mark Smith is a Solutions Engineer at Cloud Academy. He actively partners with enterprise customers, leveraging our content library and training platform to deliver measurable, effective continuous training. Mark brings years of experience working with customers implementing AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Brad Moore

Content Producer

Brad is a digital artist and video producer with an extensive background in creating media content for training and employee development programs. With a foundation rooted in traditional design, Brad enjoys blurring the lines between technical training and creative visualizations.

Luca Faverio

iOS Developer

Luca is a Computer Engineer who recently discovered a passion for mobile technologies and apps development - especially on iOS - after working as web developer for many years. He is passionate about programming and technologies and loves traveling around the world.

Roberto Turrin

Head of Technology

Roberto has spent several years working on recommender systems and data-driven solutions. He received his PhD in Computer Engineering in 2008 and, after a two-year experience at Politecnico di Milano as post-doc, he led the research activities of ContentWise to support the development of a B2B recommender system. He is passionate about large-scale data processing technologies and machine learning. He loves practicing sports in his spare time: running, cycling, hiking, skiing, sailing, and windsurfing.

Mattia Sasso

Software Engineer

Mattia is a Computer Engineer, passionate about new technologies, software and web development. He loves creating new things, solving technical problems and he always looks for new challenges. He's passionate about snowboarding, online games and motorsports.

Stuart Scott

AWS Content Lead

Stuart has a long background within the IT industry covering a range of technologies. His most recent passion and interest is that of the cloud, specifically AWS. He enjoys writing and teaching, which enables him to share his knowledge with the wider community. Stuart holds the AWS SA Certification as well being accredited as an AWS Business and Technical Professional and within TCO and Cloud Economics.

Luca Zacchetti

Product Owner

Luca has several years of experience as developer working for different IT companies with a strong focus in Python, Linux and PostgreSQL. He loves writing simple, clean and pragmatic code which solves complex problems and has a deep passion for DevOps tools and strategies.Cats lover, he spends his free time riding his motorbike, playing the guitar and cooking good italian food.

John Chell

Cloud Technology Assessment Manager

John enjoys the mixture of creativity and learning science in educational publishing, with a focus on building and organizing assessment. Outside of work, he is an audiophile who loves exploring new music, teaching his daughter new songs and attending and performing in live music shows.

David Santucci

Data Scientist

David is a computer science engineer who enjoys coding Python and R and is passionate about machine learning and algorithms. He has a fascination for logic puzzles, board games, and Lego, and he is always looking for new technology challenges to improve his skills and satisfy his passion for startups and innovation. He enjoys all team sports, XC skiing, and mountain biking.

Giacomo Consonni

Computer Engineer

Giacomo is a Computer Engineer who is really passionate about AWS and all Cloud Technologies. He spends most of his weekends "in the clouds" hiking and climbing. Curious about everything, Giacomo loves traveling, learning new things and photography.


Guy Hummel

Azure & Google Cloud Content Lead

Guy launched his first training website in 1995 and he's been helping people learn IT technologies ever since. He has been a sysadmin, instructor, sales engineer, IT manager, and entrepreneur. In his most recent venture, he founded and led a cloud-based training infrastructure company that provided virtual labs for some of the largest software vendors in the world. Guy's passion is making complex technology easy to understand. His activities outside of work have included riding an elephant and skydiving (although not at the same time).

Logan Rakai

Lead Content Developer, Labs

Logan has been involved in software development and research for over ten years, including four years in the cloud. He earned his Ph.D. studying design automation and enjoys all things tech.

Paola Di Pietro

Marketing Manager

Paola's passion lies in all things digital. She gained experience in the UK and is now applying everything she learned about digital marketing to the cloud computing world, including email marketing, SEO, conversion optimization, and analytics. In her spare time Paola enjoys watching independent movies, going for long walks in the mountains and reading classics.

Fabio Besana

QA Analyst

Fabio loves everything related to the digital world, and he spends much time reading about new technologies. He loves digital photography, sports, chess and PC tuning.


Luca Casartelli

Full Stack Developer

Luca is a Software Engineer who is passionate about cloud technologies and serverless computing. He spent over 5 years as an entrepreneur and backend developer for his own company. He is addicted to the mountains and loves hiking, climbing and kayaking.


Andrea Cappelli

Data Scientist

Andrea has a passion for data and algorithms. With a background in Physics, he employed his love for math and models to Natural Language Processing and Data Science. He is fascinated by both human and machine intelligence, and the ways they can interact to improve each other. He loves sci-fi books, basketball and traveling to beautiful places.


Emanuele Brivio

Software Engineer

Emanuele is a passionate Media Designer, Crypto investor, and a former Entrepreneur. He acts at the sweet spot between minimalism and function to create stunning user interfaces. He dreams to become a point of reference in the Blockchain world.


Alessio Zappa

Front End Developer

After obtaining an academic diploma in Media Design from IED Milano, Alessio spent five years as entrepreneur (and cofounder) at Plasticpanda. With ten years of experience in web development, he likes to create tools using mostly Javascript and NodeJS. Passionate about videogames and mangas he also likes movies, TV series and music.


Giacomo Sortino

Android Developer

Giacomo is a passionate mobile developer. He started hacking in the "mobile world" from childhood ... if other children were asking their parents for a new game, he dreamed of receiving a Nokia communicator for his birthday! After a few years as Backend developer, he found the opportunity to work on B2B tailored projects for BlackBerry Devices. Now he builds Android apps focusing on architecture. Giacomo loves food, TV series, anime and a lot of other geeky stuff.


Rachel Malette

Sr Director, Sales Ops

With an extensive background in project management and operations, Rachel brings a passion for efficiency to the Cloud Academy family. She is a self-proclaimed “data junkie” who strives to make sense of the ever-changing business world in order to make sound strategy and operational decisions. She believes strongly in open communication, collaboration and that a good Excel spreadsheet can solve almost anything.

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