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Know exactly when your team is ready

Make decisions with confidence about the talent on your team

Just like your company has  a CRM to track its customers and prospects, it also needs a system to catalog the skills and development of teams — especially regarding technical talent that is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage.[Read more]

Cloud Academy streamlines the success of your digital transformation journey by providing the tools for tailoring and measuring skills in a scalable and predictable way.


Put hands-on technical expertise to the test

The best way to learn is to do. And, the best way to grow your organization is to precisely validate the upskilling of team members through real-world experience. Cloud Academy’s lab challenges do just that — removing the guesswork about who is ready to take the next step in their career and help your organization thrive in a cloud native world. Better yet? Enterprise plans include lab challenges with zero extra cost, and zero setup time.

A data-driven approach to building practical tech skills. 

  • Prove employee competence with confidence in fully operational cloud environments 
  • Build your team’s problem-solving skills with instant access to our sandboxed accounts on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Alibaba Cloud
  • Gain granular skills data as your team accomplishes lab challenges and explores new technologies in lab playgrounds
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Track exam results and prep for certification

A culture of success breeds the attraction, engagement, and retention of top talent, which ultimately becomes habit forming across the organization. Help your teams get certified in record time on the cloud platforms that move the world forward with Cloud Academy’s certification fast-track program. Then, display them proudly by using our programmatic cloud certification uploader.

Manage your tech certification programs at scale.

  • Validate learnings with constantly updated exams, quizzes, and certification prep, and continually improve your team’s skill profile
  • Monitor proficiency levels as skills update in real time with every course, quiz, exam, lab, and certification completed
  • Get your team exam-ready with structured training plans and  deadlines
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View real-time insights about your organization’s capabilities

Leverage Cloud Academy’s skill profiles to validate knowledge progression in an accurate and objective way. For both individuals and teams, these out-of-the-box analytics give you clarity into where people sit currently versus your desired future state. This data delivers the playbook for managers to take the next step in the advancement of team members.   

Ensure teams have the competence they need before taking  on projects.

  • See practitioner-level skills grow at an individual, team, and organizational level
  • Establish defined job roles with career progression tracks
  • Visualize and share the impact programmatic upskilling has made on your business
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