Quickly uplevel technical capabilities

Drive your organization’s training program with an all-in-one training solution

Training Plans - Quickly uplevel technical capabilities

Accelerate skill growth

Quickly get your team up to speed 4x faster with structured training plans.

  • Assign role-based training plans with clearly defined learning objectives and realistic deadlines
  • Build training plans with the largest training library of constantly updated learning paths and certification prep on AWS, Azure, Google, DevOps, Security, and more
  • Customize our out-of-the-box training plans or create your own from scratch — tailored to your enterprise requirements
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Training Plans - Improve skill growth by 4x

Keep your team accountable

Significantly improve your organization’s ability to stay on track.

  • Set clear training expectations by defining your team’s weekly commitment
  • Activate built-in accountability with weekly email reports and auto-nudges that notify your team when they fall behind
  • Create friendly competition with the training plan leaderboard
Training Plans - Keep your team accountable

Track progress and completion

Easily measure training cycles with a real-time dashboard.

  • Monitor progress against deadlines and exam results for performance insights
  • Stay in the loop with weekly email reports
  • View developed skills on the Skill Profiles dashboard
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Training Plans - Track progress and completion

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