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Build hands-on tech skills with precision

Uplevel technical capabilities with an all-in-one training solution

Most skill development platforms are similar to a free gym membership — offered to employees as a benefit that results in low usage rates and zero impact on the business. It’s simple — making your tech team watch a video and pass a basic quiz does not mean they have the hands-on skills needed to take your company to the next level. [Read more]


That’s where we come in. After using Cloud Academy to assess the current skills of your tech talent, it’s now time to upskill them based on the skills or roles you need and the business outcomes you desire. And the best part? It’s all predictable. Cloud Academy builds tech skills based on your organization’s needs, and we show you the results in real-time.  


Know exactly where your team’s at, and what they’re capable of.

Training Plans - Quickly uplevel technical capabilities

See training through to completion

Cloud Academy’s training plans are key to predictably upskilling your tech talent. While other platforms offer courses with no guidance, direction, or built-in accountability features, we deliver a single source of truth that blends programmatic knowledge with tangible outcomes. Our software provides administrators with full visibility into progress surrounding proficiency and skills growth, from career development specific to each team member to out-of-the-box reporting that visualizes advancement at scale.

Quickly get your team up to speed 4x faster with structured training plans.

  • Set clear expectations and easily project manage your team’s training with precision 
  • Build good habits and keep teams accountable with due dates, reminders, and weekly commitments to stay on track 
  • Monitor progress with weekly email reports and intuitive dashboards to know exactly when team members fall behind
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Develop-See training through..

Accelerate real-world problem solving

Just like a driving test, Cloud Academy’s hands-on labs, lab challenges, and lab playgrounds allow team members to practice and demonstrate their skills in a genuine, live workspace. Our software lets users gain practical experience across cloud providers and tech domains in a sandbox environment — testing and validating what they’ve learned along the way. Meanwhile, team managers have full, real-time transparency into their team members’ journey.

Build hands-on technical skills with practice in real cloud environments.

  • Assign training by  job roles, technology domains, and more  with the largest library of constantly-updated content
  • Get guided, hands-on upskilling on any technology, and create friendly competition with the leaderboard
  • Ensure teams gain practical experience and learn by doing in AWS, Azure, GCP, DevOps, security, and more
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Train for your own production environment

Learning paths and labs are essential to build foundational knowledge, but when it comes to influencing cloud architectures that have business outcomes attached, you don’t want to hand over the keys to the kingdom before seeing how people perform in your own environment. Content Engine™ by Cloud Academy lets you create a mirror of your own production environment on our platform, and customize team members’ curriculums based on their real day-to-day workflows. 

Easily customize content to ensure teams can hit the ground running in your organization.

  • Modify our out-of-the-box training plans or create your own from scratch — tailored to your enterprise requirements
  • Train for your specific production environment by easily customizing our content, exams, and hands-on labs
  • Upload your own PDFs, MP3/MP4, SCORM files, and more to create custom training, certifications, and labs for your team 
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Content Engine

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