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Advanced C Programming

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This lab is designed for the practising software developer and allows delegates to gain a better understanding of the language, run-time library, and software engineering techniques available with the C language.

Advanced C increases delegate's knowledge and understanding of the language, including the recent ISO 9899:1999 (C99) standard changes, and helps delegates to gain experience in areas of C that previous work may not have covered. Delegates will also be better equipped to write and maintain large C programs, and will also gain a better understanding of the way the language works and is implemented.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this lab you will be able to:

  • Read and write complex data declarations and type definitions
  • Use advanced pointer techniques to construct and work with complex data structures
  • Use advanced standard library functions, including process control, searching and sorting
  • Handle memory allocation
  • Exploit features of C99

Intended Audience

This lab is intended for:

  • C Programmers with a solid understanding of the language fundamentals
  • Developers comfortable developing on Windows using Visual Studio or on Linux


You should possess:

  • Between three and six months of concentrated C programming experience
  • Experience with structured data types
  • Experience of the declaration and use of pointers
  • The lab will also benefit self-taught C programmers wishing to gain a formal education in the language

Either of the following labs is recommended to satisfy the prerequisites:


June 24th, 2020 - Enabled direct browser RDP connection for a streamlined experience

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