Secure API Gateway endpoints with Custom Authorizers

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Serverless Computing on AWS for Developers

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Lab Steps

Logging in to the Amazon Web Services Console
Custom Authorizer Use Cases
Create a simple API Gateway endpoint
Implement authorization logic in Lambda
Create a new Custom Authorizer
Test the secured endpoint

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Duration1h 30m


How to secure API Gateway Resources with custom authorization logic

Amazon API Gateway offers several native authorization mechanisms, such as managed API keys, IAM Roles, and custom authorizers.

API Keys (with the help of Usage Plans) can help manage custom throttling and quota for your API consumers. IAM is a good choice when your consumers require access to AWS resources and you need to manage permissions on a per-user basis. However, Custom Authorizers give you much more flexibility. With Custom Authorizers you can implement any 3rd-party integration and generate very granular authorization policies.

In this Lab, we will learn how to implement a Custom Authorizer in AWS Lambda to secure your API Gateway Resources.


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