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Amazon Web Services Labs

Hands-on Labs are the fastest way to gain real experience with Amazon Web Services with a live AWS environment. Labs guide you step by step in a secure, sandboxed environment. No new accounts, no additional costs, and no test instances to clean up. Take a lab to get familiar with AWS services in as little as 15 minutes. Follow step-by-step instructions to learn a service, practice a use case, or prepare for an AWS Certification.

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Recently Added

Discover the latest labs to be added to our AWS library and get started on your journey. Begin your hands-on learning experience with our lab library content that includes Protecting Your Code From Attack and Amazon Machine Learning.

Compute & Containers

The wide range of compute and container services offered by AWS allows you to build and deploy applications and scale them seamlessly. In the selection of labs below, you will be guided through these services and learn how to use them in a practical, hands-on way.

Security, Identity & Compliance

Security is essential for every deployment, and we have a wealth of hands-on labs surrounding the myriad AWS security and governance services to help you keep your IT infrastructure safe. Understand how to protect, secure, prevent, and identify weaknesses, threats, and risks, while adhering to cloud governance and compliance programs.

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