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Amazon Web Services Labs

The laboratories are one of the five training solutions on Amazon AWS that we propose. Hands-on Labs are the fastest way to gain real experience with Amazon Web Services with a live AWS environment. Labs guide you step by step in a secure, sandboxed environment. No new accounts, no additional costs, and no test instances to clean up. Take a lab to get familiar with AWS services in as little as 15 minutes. Follow step-by-step instructions to learn a service, practice a use case, or prepare for AWS Certification.

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Assessed AWS Labs

Try out Cloud Academy's newest feature, Validation for Hand-on Labs, where you can gain real life hands-on experience in a live environment and verify your ability to think critically about and properly operate various technologies in the console. Evaluate your ability to execute with our wide range of AWS Labs.

AWS Machine Learning and AI

Whether you are a newbie or proficient when working with Machine Learning and AI, you will find the perfect laboratory in our list below. For more training content within AWS Machine Learning and AI, visit our AWS Training Library.

AWS Monitoring and Logging

Hone your skills in AWS Monitoring and Logging with one of our correlating Laboratories. Practice makes perfect within this topic, using our Labs will give you the time and experience you need to have a solid foundation for being able to successfully and efficiently implement these processes.

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