Detecting EC2 Threats with Amazon GuardDuty

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Lab Overview

Amazon GuardDuty continuously monitors and identifies threats by analyzing several types of activity in your AWS account and any invited member accounts that you link to. GuardDuty can notify you of a wide variety of threats including unauthorized access, trojans, communication with Tor anonymizing, or cryptocurrency networks.

In this Lab, you will learn how to use Amazon GuardDuty to automatically uncover malicious EC2 activity, and configure threat lists to improve the security of an AWS Lab environment.

Lab Objectives

Upon completion of this Lab, you will be able to:

  • Enable, disable, and suspend Amazon GuardDuty for AWS accounts
  • Activate threat lists and trusted IP lists, and understand when to use each
  • Understand the types of security findings GuardDuty can detect
  • Prioritize and interpret GuardDuty findings in a live environment

Lab Prerequisites

You should be familiar with:

  • Core AWS services, particularly EC2, VPC, and S3
Environment before
Environment after

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