hands-on labInteract With PostgreSQL Flexible Server Using a Python-Based Web App
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Lab steps
Logging in to the Microsoft Azure Portal
Creating PostgreSQL Flexible Server using Azure Portal
Logging into Azure using Azure CLI
Uploading Django App on Azure Web App
Lab description

Azure PostgreSQL is a fully-managed relational database service offered by Microsoft Azure. It is a powerful, scalable, and highly available database service that provides enterprise-level features and security. It comes with a simple and intuitive web-based interface that makes it easy to create and manage databases. Additionally, it offers built-in security features, such as firewall rules and SSL support, to ensure that your data is safe and secure.

Using PostgreSQL with Python Django app is also quite beneficial. Django is a high-level Python web framework that makes it easy to build web applications quickly. By using PostgreSQL with Django, you get access to the full range of PostgreSQL's features, such as advanced indexing, data types, and query optimizations. This allows you to build robust and scalable applications that can handle large amounts of data and high levels of traffic.

In this hands-on lab, you will interact with PostgreSQL resource using an Azure Web App running a Python-Django application.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this intermediate-level lab, you will be able to:

  • Understand PostgreSQL resource
  • Understand Azure CLI commands to upload zip packages to web app
  • Add application settings to the web app

Intended audience

  • Candidates for Azure Administrator Exam (AZ-104)
  • Cloud Architects
  • Data Engineers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Software Engineers


Familiarity with the following will be beneficial but is not required:

  • Azure App Service
  • Azure CLI
  • Python

The following content can be used to fulfill the prerequisites:


Environment before
environment before preview
Environment after
environment after preview
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Parveen Singh
Cloud Lab Developer
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Parveen is an Azure advocate with previous experience in the professional consulting services industries. He specializes in infrastructure and DevOps with a wide range of knowledge in security and access management. He is also an Azure Certified - DevOps Engineer Expert, Security Engineer, Developer Associate, Administrator Associate, CompTIA Certified - Network+, Security+, and AWS Cloud Practitioner.
Parveen enjoys writing about cloud technologies and sharing the knowledge with the community to help students upskill in the cloud.

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