Amazon EKS - Hands-On Deploying and Managing Containerized Workloads

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Ready to take your Amazon EKS skills to the next level?

This Learning Path is your one-stop guide to mastering EKS. Having hands-on experience with EKS is essential when it comes to running and managing your own EKS hosted applications. By taking this Leaning Path, you'll get both experience and exposure to EKS and the EKS way of doing things. In this Learning Path you'll learn how to:

  • Deploy a publicly accessible cloud native web app (React, Go, MongoDB)
  • Use AWS Security Groups to manage and control network traffic between Pods and other AWS services
  • Leverage AWS IAM for establishing permissions based access from Pods to other AWS services such as S3
  • Deploy and setup Istio and Kiali for service mesh traffic routing and monitoring
  • Reconfigure an EKS cluster to utilize Cilium as it's CNI provider, and use Network Policies to secure Pod communications
  • Deploy a WebGL 3D web app into an IPv6 Cluster
  • Install the AWS Load Balancer Controller and Create an Ingress Resource (ALB) with path routing annotations to expose a web app
  • Deploy and setup Observability using Prometheus and Grafana

This is a must do Learning Path for anyone wanting to become an EKS operations ninja. 

Learning Objectives

  • Deepen and broaden your EKS knowledge
  • Learn about the integration options of EKS with other AWS services
  • Understand how to deploy, manage, and monitor EKS hosted cloud native applications

Intended Audience

  • Anyone interested in learning about EKS
  • EKS Administrators
  • DevOps
  • Software Engineers building cloud native applications


  • Basic understanding of Kubernetes 
  • Basic understanding of Containers
  • Basic understanding of software development
  • Basic understanding of the software development life cycle 

Content Outline

This Learning Path provides 10+ hours of hands-on EKS lab based content.


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Training Content

Hands-on Lab - Intermediate - 2h 15m
Amazon EKS - Building a Cloud Native Application
In this hands-on lab, you'll learn how to create and deploy a cloud-native application voting webapp into an Amazon EKS cluster.
Hands-on Lab - Intermediate - 2h
Using Security Groups for Pods in Amazon EKS
In this lab, you will learn how to integrate security groups with an Amazon EKS cluster to allow specific pods to access and RDS database.
Hands-on Lab - Beginner - 1h 25m
Associating AWS IAM Roles with Amazon EKS Service Accounts
Learn how to associate an IAM role with Kubernetes Service Account to achieve least privilege and credential isolation in this hands-on lab.
Hands-on Lab - Intermediate - 1h 30m
Amazon EKS - Install the AWS Load Balancer Controller and Create an Ingress Resource (ALB)
Amazon EKS - Install the AWS Load Balancer Controller and Create an Ingress Resource (ALB)
Hands-on Lab - Intermediate - 1h 30m
Amazon EKS - Deploy Cilium CNI and Secure Pod Communications using Network Policies
In this Lab scenario, you'll learn how to reconfigure an EKS cluster to utilize Cilium as its CNI provider.
Hands-on Lab - Intermediate - 1h 30m
Amazon EKS - Deploy a Web App into an IPv6 Cluster
Amazon EKS - Create and Manage an IPv6 Cluster
Hands-on Lab - Intermediate - 2h
Amazon EKS - Traffic Routing with Istio
In this lab scenario, you'll learn how to use Istio to perform traffic routing to a pair of sample web applications, V1 and V2, deployed into an Amazon EKS cluster.
Hands-on Lab - Intermediate - 2h
Amazon EKS - Observability with Prometheus and Grafana
In this lab, you'll learn how to integrate Prometheus and Grafana monitoring applications together into an effective and cohesive monitoring solution.
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