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Amazon Web Services Learning Paths


The demand for the workforce to be able to operate in the cloud is growing exponentially. Cloud Academy offers easy access to the new generation of cloud training, for professionals and the enterprise. The Amazon Web Services Training Library is a hub of highly-rated resources including Learning Paths, Courses, Labs, Quizzes, and Exams to enable you to get the right training to put you on the right track for AWS success.

Would you like to become an expert in AWS Lambda, AWS Cli and AWS Machine Learning? Cloud Academy is able to provide cohesive training plans for all levels. From AWS tutorials for beginners to Laboratories, and hands-on assessments; we aim to be the springboard for your ascension in the cloud.

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Learning Paths are the study plans to get you where you want to be. Our courses are taught by accredited AWS expert instructors with deep technical expertise. Each path contains Courses, Laboratories, Quizzes, and a final Exam. Learn Amazon Web Services, test your AWS skills, and train and build muscle memory solving business problems in real-world scenarios using AWS. New content and training added and updated weekly.


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