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Test your S3 knowledge, focus your studies, learn as you go.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is a core data storage service offered by AWS. With the central role storage has in any computing task, Amazon S3 is integrated with many of the S3 services to backup, organize, and provide quick access to data in the cloud. 

Keeping your data intact, secure, and managing it in a cost-effective manner, are essential tasks that any almost IT professional needs to know how to perform, regardless of title, so Cloud Academy has created a curated set of quizzes focused on central topics of S3.

The purpose of this Amazon S3 Knowledge Assessment Learning Path is to cover different aspects of Amazon S3 specifically. Starting at a very basic level, the questions progress through each topic. At the end, we offer a more advanced set of scenario questions designed to apply the service terms, features, best practices and AWS guidelines tested in previous quizzes. 

This learning path begins with a very basic quiz, "Basic Fundamentals of S3." If you are entirely new to Amazon S3, or AWS as a whole, this quiz is the best place to begin. If you have that will either introduce the service to you at an introductory level or be a simple refresher for you. If you are adept with Amazon Web Services in general, this should be a quick warm up for you.

The second quiz addresses general billing options and the different Amazon S3 storage classes available.

After introducing the general service, the quizzes in this learning path focus on topics such as versioning and object lifecycle, general operations and upload best practices, security, and web hosting in Amazon S3.

Finally, you'll have the chance to take the advanced scenario quiz, which offers more challenging questions that include other AWS services integrated with Amazon S3. 

We recommend you complete these sessions in quiz mode rather than test mode so that you can review the documentation provided with each question. This way you can test your knowledge and add to it as you proceed through each quiz.

You can take the sessions in order, and progress from the service fundamentals to more advanced challenges, or start with any quiz topic that interests you. Contact us at if you have any questions for us, or want to share your thoughts on this learning path.

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Amazon S3 Knowledge Assessment
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