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AWS Networking & Content Delivery

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This course contains all of our content relating to the services listed within the AWS Network & Content Delivery category of the AWS Management Console. It contains our courses, labs, and assessments allowing you to develop your skills and knowledge in a specific area.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) and their related components
  • VPC Routing
  • VPC Security
  • Building and configuring VPNs
  • VPC Reachability Analyzer
  • High availability best practices
  • VPC Peering
  • EIPs / ENI's / ENA's
  • VPC Endpoints
  • Multi-tiered architecture
  • OSI and TCP/IP networking models
  • Amazon Route 53
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Amazon API Gateway

If you have a specific request for content in this area, please send an e-mail to support@cloudacademy.com

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