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This learning path has been designed to introduce you to many of the different AWS Security services that are available to help you implement varying levels of security within your AWS environment.  

Security is one of the most important factors when implementing cloud services as you must ensure that the data you are storing on the Cloud remains restricted, controlled, monitored, maintained, and secured to the correct level.  

AWS has developed a number of AWS security services and management tools to help you protect your data and environment from unwanted exposures, vulnerabilities, and threats, but largely it's down to us as customers to ensure these AWS security services are implemented effectively.

This AWS Security Services learning path will introduce a number of key AWS security services that can be used effectively within your security processes and procedures to ensure that you remain protected from both internal and external threats.

The services covered within this learning path are as follows:

  • AWS Identity & Access Management (IAM)
  • AWS Key Management Service (KMS)
  • AWS CloudHSM
  • AWS CloudTrail
  • Amazon Inspector
  • AWS Config

By the end of the AWS Security Services learning path, you should have a solid understanding of each of these AWS security services and be able to confidently implement them within your own AWS environment.

Intended Audience

This learning path is intended for IT professionals or anyone looking to understand more about the various security services available to them in AWS and how they can be implemented.


To get the most out of this course, you should already have a solid understanding of the AWS platform and IT security.


Stuart Scott:

  • AWS: Overview of AWS Identity & Access Management (IAM)
  • Introduction to AWS Web Application Firewall
  • AWS CloudTrail: An Introduction
  • Amazon Inspector
  • AWS Config: An Introduction

Tom Lynch:

  • Amazon Web Services - Key Management Service (KMS)
  • Getting started with AWS CloudHSM


  • April 6, 2018 - Added Learning Path Exam
  • September 21st 2018 - Added Course 'Enforcing Compliance & Security Controls with Amazon Macie'
  • September 21st 2018 - Added Course 'Understanding Amazon GuardDuty'
  • September 21st 2018 - Added Lab 'Detecting EC2 Threats with Amazon GuardDuty


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Learning Path Steps


This course explains AWS Identity & Access Management (IAM), what it is, and how to implement it.


Learn how to manage our organization using IAM Users and Groups and IAM Roles 


Knowledge Check: Overview of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)


In this course, you will learn the basics of KMS, what it will cost to implement, how to encrypt data, and more...


In this lab, you'll learn about Amazon Key Management Service to encrypt S3 and EBS Data at an intermediate level. Get started today!


This course gets you started with AWS CloudHSM by giving you an overview of the basics of the service, what it is, and its use cases.


This course takes an in-depth look at AWS Web Application Firewall Service (WAF), AWS Firewall Manager and AWS Shield.


This course provides an introduction to the AWS CloudTrail service, looking at all its features and components.


In this course, you'll learn about Amazon Inspector and its components, as well as watch a demonstration on how to configure it.


In this course, you'll learn how AWS Config allows you to have visibility of your entire AWS infrastructure from a configuration perspective.


Compliance check using AWS Config Rules: See how AWS Config can enhance your security and compliance with AWS managed rules and custom rules with AWS Lambda


This course looks at Amazon Macie and how to customize it to gain the maximum benefit of its capabilities.


This course explains how to protect your AWS accounts by using the intelligent threat detection service, Amazon GuardDuty.


Learn how to use Amazon GuardDuty to automatically uncover malicious EC2 activity and configure threat lists to improve the security of your AWS environments.


Final Exam: Security Services on AWS

About the Author
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Stuart has been working within the IT industry for two decades covering a huge range of topic areas and technologies, from data center and network infrastructure design, to cloud architecture and implementation.

To date, Stuart has created 90+ courses relating to Cloud reaching over 100,000 students, mostly within the AWS category and with a heavy focus on security and compliance.

Stuart is a member of the AWS Community Builders Program for his contributions towards AWS.

He is AWS certified and accredited in addition to being a published author covering topics across the AWS landscape.

In January 2016 Stuart was awarded ‘Expert of the Year Award 2015’ from Experts Exchange for his knowledge share within cloud services to the community.

Stuart enjoys writing about cloud technologies and you will find many of his articles within our blog pages.