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AWS Security – Specialty (SCS-C02) Certification Preparation

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This certification Learning Path is specifically designed to prepare you for the AWS Certified Security – Specialty (SCS-C02) exam. This learning path covers the knowledge required to master the domains outlined in the exam blueprint. Throughout this learning path, you will be guided via our courses, hands-on labs and lab challenges, and a preparation exam at the end, all of which are focused on areas that will be assessed within the exam.   

Intended Audience

This learning path is suitable for anyone wanting to pass the AWS Certified Security – Specialty (SCS-C02) exam. As defined in the exam blueprint, which can be found here, the exam has been designed for individuals wanting to master a Security role. The AWS SCS-C02 certification can verify and validate your knowledge within this area by effectively demonstrating your understanding of core AWS services, use cases, and basic AWS architecture best practices.

This learning path is curated specifically to prepare you for passing the AWS Certified Security - Specialty exam. We only cover the aspects and services likely to feature in the exam.

Learning Objectives

The aim of the certification is to validate your knowledge across a number of different key areas, which have been defined by AWS across the following domains, with each domain contributing to a total percentage of your overall score. These domains are broken down as:

Domain 1: Threat Detection and Incident Response (14%)

Domain 2: Security Logging and Monitoring (18%)

Domain 3: Infrastructure Security (20%)

Domain 4: Identity and Access Management (16%)

Domain 5: Data Protection (18%)

Domain 6: Management and Security Governance (14%)

As you progress through the learning path, you will gain all the information and knowledge required to fulfill the domain expectations, gaining a deep understanding of each area.

AWS Security Lab Challenges

There's no better way to prepare for an AWS certification than working in the AWS console! Our SCS-C02 lab challenges provide real-world scenarios for you to solve.


To get the most out of this learning path, you should already have some basic working knowledge of building cloud solutions on the AWS platform. If you are just starting out with AWS, we recommend taking our Fundamentals of AWS learning path first.


We welcome all feedback and suggestions - please contact us at support@cloudacademy.com if you are unsure about where to start or if you would like help getting started.

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