Solutions Architect—Professional Certification for AWS

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Since the AWS Solutions Architect Professional level certification assumes that you are familiar and experienced with a wide range of AWS services, this Cloud Academy learning path begins with an overview of the services and principles used in AWS architecting. You will also be guided through practical deployments of cloud solutions and given a deep look at designing scalable, secure, and reliable applications. Finally, you'll get some insight into taking and passing the actual AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam.

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Learning Path Steps


This course covers the key conceptual terminology and services that form the base for Amazon cloud architecting.


Platform Reference for AWS


In this course, you get a complete introduction to AWS Lambda, including a practical use case to help you understand how the service is used.


This course teaches advanced techniques for logging on AWS, going beyond the basic uses of CloudWatch Metrics, CloudWatch Logs, and health monitoring systems.


Many businesses host critical infrastructure and technical business assets in the AWS Cloud. In the CloudAcademy Advanced High Availability DevOps Video Course, you will learn critical technical and business analysis skills required to ensure customer can a...


This course teaches skills to manage complexity and direction on increasingly large AWS cloud accounts and installations.


This second of three AWS Solutions Architect Pro Certification courses will take you through designing and deploying a realistic enterprise cloud solution.


This is the final of three Cloud Academy courses preparing you for the AWS Solutions Architect Professional level certification exam.


Solutions Architect for AWS Professional