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AWS SysOps Administrator - Associate (SOA-C02) Certification Preparation for AWS

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This certification Course is specifically designed to prepare you for the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate (SOA-C02) exam released in July 2021. This course covers the knowledge required to master the domains outlined in the exam blueprint. Throughout this course, you will be guided via our courses, hands-on labs including some lab challenges, and a preparation exam, all of which are focused on areas that will be assessed within the exam.   

Intended Audience

This course is suitable for anyone wanting to pass the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate SAA-C02 exam. As defined in the exam blueprint, which can be found here, the exam has been designed for system administrators in a cloud operations role who have at least 1 year of hands-on experience with deployment, management, networking, and security on AWS.

Learning Objectives

The aim of the certification is to validate your knowledge across a number of different key areas, which have been defined by AWS as being able to:

  • Deploy, manage, and operate workloads on AWS
  • Support and maintain AWS workloads according to the AWS Well-Architected Framework
  • Perform operations by using the AWS Management Console and the AWS CLI
  • Implement security controls to meet compliance requirements
  • Monitor, log, and troubleshoot systems
  • Apply networking concepts (for example, DNS, TCP/IP, firewalls)
  • Implement architectural requirements (for example, high availability, performance, capacity)
  • Perform business continuity and disaster recovery procedures
  • Identify, classify, and remediate incidents

As a means of demonstrating this knowledge, you will be tested across 6 different domains, with each domain contributing to a total percentage of your overall score. These domains are broken down as:

  • Domain 1: Monitoring, Logging, and Remediation 20%
  • Domain 2: Reliability and Business Continuity 16%
  • Domain 3: Deployment, Provisioning, and Automation 18%
  • Domain 4: Security and Compliance 16%
  • Domain 5: Networking and Content Delivery 18%
  • Domain 6: Cost and Performance Optimization 12%

As you progress through the course, you will gain all the information and knowledge required to fulfill the domain expectations, gaining a deep understanding of each area.


To get the most out of this course, you should already have some basic work knowledge of building cloud solutions on the AWS platform. If you are just starting out with AWS, we recommend taking our Fundamentals of AWS course first.


We welcome all feedback and suggestions - please contact us at support@cloudacademy.com if you are unsure about where to start or if you would like help getting started.

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