Becoming a Cloud Architect — Learn the Fundamentals

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Take the first step on your journey to becoming a Cloud Architect with this learning path, which will lay the foundations of how to architect solutions for the cloud.

We'll start by taking a look at what a cloud architect does and evaluating if the role is right for you. 

We then begin learning the fundamentals of cloud computing and web development. You'll learn to recognize and explain the key building blocks of web services such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

We then delve into the benefits of DevOps practices and how they help to maintain quality, availability, and security in cloud infrastructure and in the development and deployment of applications. Containers are also a powerful tool for development and operations processes and you'll learn how to use them in your deployments.

We then have a gentle introduction to serverless computing and how serverless computing can be used to architect cloud solutions. 

We then begin exploring some of the business drivers, benefits and considerations of migrating business services to the Cloud.  

We then explore some of the options, approaches and frameworks available to help design and plan for a Cloud Migration. 

Lastly we walk through planning and architecting the migration of an end of life data center application from on-premise to a cloud environment.  

If all this catches your interest and you're ready to begin your career as a cloud architect, then this is the learning path for you!

Learning Objectives

  • Obtain an understanding of the cloud architect role and if the cloud architect role is right for you
  • Learn some of the fundamentals of web development
  • Learn how DevOps practices and containers can be used to streamline your deployments and operations in the cloud
  • Understand the business implications of migrating to the cloud
  • Be introduced to the basic frameworks for architecting cloud solutions 

Intended Audience

This learning path is intended for anyone looking to build cloud solutions and take the first step in their career as a cloud architect.


To get the most out of this learning path, you should have a basic understanding of building and deploying applications. Some existing familiarity with cloud computing would also be beneficial but is not essential. We recommend completing the Cloud Literacy Learning Path first to gain this understanding first. 


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Training Content

Course - Beginner - 6m
What is a Cloud Architect and is Being a Cloud Architect the Right Role For You?
No one is born a Cloud Architect. All the skills required to be a Cloud Architect are learned and you can learn them starting now!
Exam - 30m
Pre-Test: Becoming a Cloud Architect — Fundamentals
Pre-Test: Becoming a Cloud Architect — Fundamentals
Course - Beginner - 34m
What Is Cloud Computing?
This Course provides an introduction to Cloud Computing and its key concepts, deployment models, and service models.
Course - Beginner - 22m
Web Fundamentals
In this first module — Web Fundamentals — we’ll take a deep dive into the world of http/s, URLs, clients and servers, and security.
Course - Beginner - 22m
Fundamentals of Web Page Development
This course features several video tutorials on the fundamentals of web page development, as well as a scripting activity that will require a full understanding of the material.
Exam - 30m
Knowledge Check: Becoming a Cloud Architect — Fundamentals (1 of 3)
Knowledge Check: Becoming a Cloud Architect — Fundamentals (1 of 3)
Course - Beginner - 1h 1m
Introduction to DevOps
This course explains how the DevOps philosophy can provide a holistic way to look at software development, deployment, and operations.
Course - Beginner - 21m
Introduction to Containers
This course will take you through what containers are, the benefits of using them, and how to containerize an app.
Course - Intermediate - 48m
Basics of Using Containers in Production
In this course, you'll learn about the major concepts surrounding containers.
Course - Beginner - 13m
What Is Serverless Computing?
This course explores what serverless computing is and how using the computing resource as a service differs from traditional computing models.
Exam - 30m
Knowledge Check: Becoming a Cloud Architect — Fundamentals (2 of 3)
Knowledge Check: Becoming a Cloud Architect — Fundamentals (2 of 3)
Course - Beginner - 1h
Cloud Migration Strategy Considerations
This course has been designed to highlight the benefits and considerations related to cloud migration processes.
Exam - 15m
Knowledge Check: Cloud Migration Strategy Considerations
Knowledge Check: Cloud Migration Strategy Considerations
Course - Beginner - 46m
Internal Business Effects of the Cloud
This course looks at the different areas of your organization and helps give you visibility on how a cloud migration will affect it from a business perspective.
Course - Beginner - 1h 4m
Getting Started With Migrating to the Cloud
In this course, we will learn practical planning techniques for migrating business applications to public cloud services.
Resource - Not defined - 10m
Choosing a Cloud Migration Strategy - Infographic
Infographic created by Colm Stafford - Managing Director of ERS IT Solutions Ltd.
Course - Intermediate - 1h 7m
Migrating to AWS From an End-of-Life Data Center
This course is a "live" scenario discussion where the Cloud Academy team tackle a migration project.
Exam - 35m
Knowledge Check: Becoming a Cloud Architect — Fundamentals (3 of 3)
Knowledge Check: Becoming a Cloud Architect — Fundamentals (3 of 3)
Exam - 30m
Post-Test: Becoming a Cloud Architect — Fundamentals
Post-Test: Becoming a Cloud Architect — Fundamentals
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