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Becoming an AWS Cloud Architect — Intermediate

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This intermediate-level learning path is designed to build on your existing knowledge of AWS to prepare you for the role of AWS Cloud Architect. If you're looking to move into that role or you simply want to learn more about building cloud solutions on AWS, you've come to the right place!

We'll start with a pre-assessment which will help you understand if this is the right learning path for you. We also have Starter and Proficient training plans in this series, so check those out, since they might be more suited to your current level.

In this learning path, we start out by looking at decoupled architectures before moving on to look at a range of content designed to help you limit access to your environments and keep your web apps safe. We then cover AWS compute and serverless services including EC2, autoscaling, and load balancing. The hands-on labs in this section will equip you with the practical experience necessary to bring automation to your AWS workloads.

Next, we delve into storage and databases, focusing on S3, EFS, Amazon RDS, and DynamoDB. You'll also learn how to migrate your existing infrastructure to AWS effectively. We also cover networking on AWS with a focus on Amazon VPC. We'll also explore the services available for managing connections between applications and services on AWS, as well as for monitoring workloads. Finally, we'll take a hands-on, practical look at CloudFormation and Amazon EKS and how they can be used to make your deployments easier.

At the end of the learning path, you will take a lab challenge that will put your skills to the test in a live AWS environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Level up your existing knowledge of AWS and take the next step towards becoming a cloud architect
  • Understand which services are available to limit access to your environment and protect your web applications
  • Learn about autoscaling and load balancing in AWS and the services available to keep your cloud architecture running smoothly
  • Enhance your knowledge of Amazon S3 and Elastic File System
  • Enhance your knowledge of Amazon RDS and DynamoDB
  • Learn about the AWS Migration Service and the AWS Database Migration Service and how to use them to migrate to AWS
  • Enhance your knowledge of Amazon VPC
  • Explore the services available for managing connections between applications and services on AWS, as well as for monitoring your workloads
  • Get hands-on, practical experience with CloudFormation and Amazon EKS

Intended Audience

This learning path is intended for anybody who wants to move into the role of cloud architect and build solutions on AWS.


To get the most out of this learning path, you should have a basic understanding of the AWS platform and cloud computing in general.


If you have any feedback relating to this learning path, please contact us at support@cloudacademy.com.

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