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This Learning Path prepares you for the AWS Big Data Specialty Certification. The AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty Exam validates technical skills and experience in designing and implementing AWS services to derive value from data. We cover the six domains of the Big Data Specialty exam outline with Courses, Labs and Quizzes. We start with an introduction to analytics and database fundamentals. We then learn more relevant detail on Big Data collection, storage, processing, analysis, visualization and security.  ...

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Learning Path Steps

1 courses

This learning path prepares you for the 3 hour AWS Big Data Specialty Certification exam. This learning path provides you an in-depth understanding of AWS big data services available and how to use those AWS services together to create Big Data solutions. ...

2 courses

In this course, we will explore the Analytics tools provided by AWS, including Elastic Map Reduce (EMR), Data Pipeline, Elasticsearch, Kinesis, Amazon Machine Learning and QuickSight which is still in preview mode. We will start with an overview of Data Sc...

3 courses

Overview This course will provide you with an introduction to the cloud database services offered by AWS. In this course we will first we explore the fundamentals of cloud databases, outline the cloud databases provided by AWS before exploring how to get st...

4 courses

Course Description: In course one of the AWS Big Data Specialty Data Collection learning path we explain the various data collection methods and techniques for determining the operational characteristics of a collection system. We explore how to define a c...

5 courses

Course Description: Course two of the Big Data Specialty learning path focuses on storage. In this course we outline the key storage options for big data solutions. We determine data access and retrieval patterns, and some of the use cases that suit partic...

6 labs

Learn how to use the Amazon Redshift service. Create a cluster with a database, copy data from S3, query data using SQL, and resize the cluster.

7 courses

Course Description This course provides an introduction to working with Amazon DynamoDB, a fully-managed NoSQL database service provided by Amazon Web Services. We begin with a description of DynamoDB and compare it to other database platforms. The course ...

8 quizzes

Big Data Speciality - Collection and Storage

9 courses

Course Description: In this course for the Big Data Specialty Certification, we learn how to identify the appropriate data processing technologies needed for big data scenarios. We explore how to design and architect a data processing solution, and explore...

10 courses

Course Description: This course will provide you with a good foundation to better understand Amazon Kinesis, along with helping you to get started with building streamed solutions. In this course we'll put a heavier emphasis on hands-on demos along with br...

11 labs

Broad introductory lab on Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR). Get started today!

12 courses

When we saw how incredibly popular our blog post on Amazon Machine Learning was, we asked data and code guru James Counts to create this fantastic in-depth introduction to the principles and practice of Amazon Machine Learning so we could completely satisfy...

13 courses

In this course, we will perform an in-depth review of the Amazon Athena service. We will review and explain fundamental AWS Athena storage and querying concepts. We will highlight suitable use cases in which Athena can be applied effectively. You will be in...

14 courses

In this Kinesis Analytics course, we will perform an in-depth review of the Amazon Kinesis Analytics service. We review where and when to use this service to best effect. You will be introduced to the key features and core components of the Kinesis Analytic...

15 labs

Learn how to implement object detection on every new image uploaded on Amazon S3.

16 quizzes

Big Data Speciality - Analysis

17 courses

In this course we learn how to determine the appropriate techniques for delivering the results/output of a query or analysis. We examine how to design and create a visualization using AWS services, and how to optimize visualization services to present resu...

18 courses

Resources mentioned throughout this course: Cloud Academy Courses: Amazon Web Services: Key Management Services (KMS) Working with Amazon Kinesis Getting started with AWS CloudHSM AWS Resources: Configuring HDFS Transparent Encryption in Amazon ...

19 labs

In this lab, you'll learn about Amazon Key Management Service to encrypt S3 and EBS Data at an intermediate level. Get started today!

20 quizzes

Amazon S3 Security Features

21 courses

This learning path has enabled you to recognize and explain the AWS big data services that are available and how to use those AWS services together to create Big Data solutions. We covered the six domains of the big data specialty exam outline with courses...


Mar 01 2019

Removed the "Amazon Machine Learning for Human Activity Recognition" Lab due to AWS phasing out support for the Amazon Machine Learning service 

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