Applying Machine Learning and AI Services on AWS

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This learning path demonstrates practical applications of AWS machine learning and Artificial Intelligence services using a blend of instructional learning and hands-on labs. At the conclusion of this learning path, you will be able to implement and experiment with Amazon Machine Learning platform and application services. 

Intended Audience
This learning path is suited to anyone interested in applying AWS Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence platform and application services.

Learning Objectives
By completing this learning path you will be able to:

  • Explain and apply Amazon Machine Learning, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Lex chatbots, AWS Deep Learning AMI's and Amazon Distributed Machine Learning services.
  • Explain and apply distributed machine learning with Apache Spark, Amazon EMR, Spark MLib, and AWS Glue.
  • Apply and build a TensorFlow machine learning model using the Amazon Deep Learning AMI. 
  • Automate image and video processing using the Amazon Recoknition API.

Having an understanding of cloud concepts will help with your assimilation of this content. If you are new to cloud computing I suggest completing the Introduction to Machine Learning on AWS Learning Path first. 

This learning path includes 5 hours of High Definition video, 2 hands-on labs, quizzes and an assessment exam.

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