Getting Started with Migrating to AWS

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This is an introductory level learning path designed to help you build a working knowledge of the core migration strategies, project stages and AWS services that can be used in a cloud migration project.

In this learning path we first learn to explain and select the core migration services provided by AWS.

With a working understanding of the services available, we next learn to explain and implement the common migration strategies, roles and requirements often seen in migration projects.

We do this by walking through a migration scenario for a fictitious customer so you have a practical guide for how to go about initiating or contributing to a migration project.

I recommend this learning path to anyone who is looking to get started with migrating services or applications to AWS.

If you are completely new to cloud migration I recommend completing the Benefits of Cloud Technology for Business: Getting Started With Migration -  learning path first. This introductory content will help you build an understanding of the business considerations and benefits of moving applications and services to public cloud services. 

The Learning path includes:

  • 6 hours of high definition video content
  • A knowledge assessment exam 

At the conclusion of this learning path you will be able to:

  • Select and apply migration strategies to practical situations.
  • Select and implement the cloud migration services provided by AWS (AWS Migration Hub, AWS Server Migration Service, Database Migration Service, vmware cloud on AWS).


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Training Content

Course - Beginner - 3m
Migrating to AWS - Introduction
In this course, we outline the learning objectives, intended audience and suggested prerequisites for the Get started with Migrating to AWS learning path.
Course - Beginner - 42m
Working with the AWS Migration Service
In this course we will learn to recognize and explain the migration services available from AWS and AWS partners, and how to run a migration using the AWS Server Migration Service.
Course - Beginner - 1h 7m
Introduction to the AWS Database Migration Service
In this course, you'll learn about the AWS Database Migration Service and the AWS Database Schema Conversion Tool and how they can be used to migrate data.
Course - Beginner - 1h 6m
Introduction to VMware Cloud on AWS
This course takes an introductory look at VMware Cloud on AWS, providing an overview of what it is, how it can benefit your business, its underlying architecture, its integration with AWS and its service, and much more.
Course - Beginner - 1h 4m
Getting Started With Migrating to the Cloud
In this course, we will learn practical planning techniques for migrating business applications to public cloud services.
Resource - Beginner - 10m
Choosing a Cloud Migration Strategy - Infographic
Infographic created by Colm Stafford - Managing Director of ERS IT Solutions Ltd.
Course - Beginner - 3m
Migrating to AWS - Summary
This course concludes the Getting Started with Migrating to AWS learning path.
Exam - 45m
Final Exam: Getting Started with Migrating to AWS
Final Exam: Getting Started with Migrating to AWS
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