Introduction to Machine Learning on AWS

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This learning path provides an introduction to Machine Learning concepts with a blend of instructional courses, quizzes, and hands-on labs.

We begin with an introduction to the concepts of machine learning. You will then learn how to implement The Amazon Machine Learning services to create and use machine learning models.

The learning path then provides a closer examination of Deep Learning and neural networks. The learning path includes two Labs where you will get hands-on experience working with neural ...

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1 courses

This course provides an overview of the "Introduction to Machine Learning on AWS” Learning Path. This is an introductory level learning path designed to help you understand Machine Learning. Machine Learning in recent years has become very much a mainstre...

2 courses

Overview In this course you'll learn about Machine Learning and where it fits within the wider Artificial Intelligence (AI) field. The course proceeds with a formal definition of Machine Learning, and continues on with explanations for the various machine ...

3 courses

When we saw how incredibly popular our blog post on Amazon Machine Learning was, we asked data and code guru James Counts to create this fantastic in-depth introduction to the principles and practice of Amazon Machine Learning so we could completely satisfy...

4 labs

Take control of a p2.xlarge instance equipped with an NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPU to perform CPU vs GPU performance analysis for AWS Machine Learning in this Lab.

5 labs

Join this Lab and gain experience using an MXNet convolutional neural network to style images and monitor the GPU used for training in Amazon CloudWatch.

6 courses

This course provides a quick review and summary for what was learnt during the "Introduction to Machine Learning on AWS" Learning Path.

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Exam: Introduction to Machine Learning on AWS


Mar 01 2019

Removed the "Forecast Flight Delays with Amazon Machine Learning" Lab due to AWS phasing out support for the Amazon Machine Learning service

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Jeremy is a Cloud Researcher and Trainer at Cloud Academy where he specializes in developing technical training documentation for security, AI, and machine learning for both AWS and GCP cloud platforms.

He has a strong background in development and coding, and has been hacking with various languages, frameworks, and systems for the past 20+ years.

In recent times, Jeremy has been focused on Cloud, Security, AI, Machine Learning, DevOps, Infrastructure as Code, and CICD.

Jeremy holds professional certifications for both AWS and GCP platforms.