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Create an event-driven architecture in AWS

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Event-driven architectures are likely the most efficient ways to take advantage of Cloud Computing.

Because most of the time, you only pay when your services are actually running and you don’t have to worry about scaling up or down as you would with traditional compute options in the cloud. In this Course you’ll learn about the various services available to create event-driven cloud solutions in AWS. As you learn about these services just think about how you would combine them to solve problems. 

Learning objectives

  • AWS Step Functions for managing workflows
  • EventBridge to trigger actions based on schedules or AWS events
  • Lambda Functions to provide computing power to your actions
  • S3 events that trigger lambda functions based on file-related actions

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Carlos Rivas
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Software Development has been my craft for over 2 decades. In recent years, I was introduced to the world of "Infrastructure as Code" and Cloud Computing.
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