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Certified Developer – Associate Certification Preparation for AWS

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The Cloud Academy Certified Developer - Associate Learning Path has helped thousands of students master the AWS Developer - Associate certification. This iteration of our certification Learning Path is specifically designed to prepare you for the latest exam. "Hands-on experience" is mentioned in the first pre-requisites of the AWS exam blueprint, so we have included more hands-on labs in this latest release of our Learning Path to fast-track your learning and help you succeed.

Intended Audience

This learning path is suitable for anyone wanting to pass the AWS Developer Associate Certification exam (DVA-C01). 

Learning Path Outline

The components of this learning path have been grouped together in the following categories where you will find both courses and labs to take you through each topic:

  • Access Management
  • Compute
  • Databases
  • Storage
  • Encryption
  • Edge Services
  • Serverless Architecture
  • CI/CD
  • Developer Tools

Learning Objectives

Ultimately the objective is to gain the knowledge required to successfully pass the AWS Certified Developer - Associate Certification.

This Learning Path will help to develop students' knowledge of DevOps with AWS. You will learn about key services, techniques, and methodologies including CI/CD, Serverless, and the decoupling of architecture to design, implement and support optimized and resilient applications at scale.

The advantage of getting AWS certified depends on your own profile and expectations but you can find two universal benefits:

  • You will master your professional skills as a software developer who develops cloud applications on AWS. This training is an excellent way to learn more topics and best practices. A key to success is to cover each domain included in the exam and go deep, one by one.
  • This Exam will especially help you to master these concepts:
  • Pick the right AWS services for the application you develop
  • Write code that optimizes the performance of AWS services used by your application
  • Leverage AWS SDKs to interact with AWS services from your application

All this knowledge is definitely a plus for your career, which brings the 2nd main benefit:

  • You will be more valuable in the job market. AWS certifications are high in demand in the cloud computing job market: companies are looking for these specific skills, all over the world. Being AWS certified will help your resume to stand out and maybe land you in a better position.
  • One last point: it’s also a great way to get a raise, as AWS-certified employees are usually paid more than non-certified. That’s definitely a good reason to study and pass this exam!


A basic understanding of cloud computing will help. We provide an introduction to AWS services, however, if you are new to cloud computing you might want to consider completing our What is Cloud Computing? Course first.  

Next steps

On completion of this learning path, you might want to take a look at our AWS Solutions Architect - Associate Certification Preparation for AWS Learning Path.


What is AWS Certified Developer Associate?

AWS Certified Developer Associate is an Exam, set by Amazon Web Services, to test an individual's ability to successfully demonstrate developing and maintaining within the AWS platform. Intended for individuals already in a development role, AWS recommends having at least one or more years of hands-on experience in order to be able to pass this exam and become certified. The main requisite of this certification is to have a good understanding of core AWS services, uses, and basic AWS architecture best practices.

How do I prepare for AWS certification?

The best way you can prepare for any AWS certification exam is to engage with one of Cloud Academy’s dedicated Learning Paths. We have many Learning Paths covering all of the Exam Certification roles, at Associate, Professional, and Specialty level) and provide extensive, efficient and expertly instructed training plans to help you pass the certification Exams with flying colors. From Big Data to Solutions Architect, Data Engineer to Security, Certified Developer, and more; visit our Content Training Library to start your journey.

What can I do with AWS certification?

Getting an AWS certification can open many doors. There are a plethora of job roles in the Cloud Computing space that ask for candidates to be AWS certified in specific areas and as the market becomes more competitive, and AWS Certification is what will make you stand out from the crowd.

Do AWS certifications expire?

Yes, AWS Certifications expire after 3 years. After your certification has expired, you will have to sit the examination again.

How many AWS certifications are there?

There are currently 12 AWS certifications on offer. These certifications cover the certified roles of Cloud Practitioner, Developer, SysOps Administrator, Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineer, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Advanced Networking, Database, and Security. Some of these certifications, such as Solutions Architect, have both Associate and Professional level certifications and are treated as separate entities and certifications.

How long does it take to prepare for an AWS certification?

On average, it takes around 80 hours to study for each certification. One must factor in how this will fit within a working life and other commitments. It is also dependent on your current knowledge level and skill and the type of certification you are studying for. If you are looking to study for a particular certification, visit our Content Training Library, where you will find our expert Learning Paths, tailored to your needs and ready to guide you from start to finish.

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