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Test your EC2 knowledge, focus your studies, learn as you go.

Amazon Web Services Elastic Cloud Compute, or EC2 as it is commonly known, is a core service within AWS. Almost any job done in the cloud involves EC2 instances in some capacity. Understanding how to use EC2 also requires a great deal of expertise to select the best options for your short- and long-term computing needs. 

With so many different aspects of this compute service to consider, as well as its central location within AWS cloud computing, we're offering this learning path comprised entirely of quizzes focused on specific areas of EC2. 

This learning path begins with a very basic quiz, "Basic Fundamentals of EC2" that will either introduce the service to you at an introductory level or be a simple refresher for you.

Next, we cover Amazon Machine Images, which you must specify for any EC2 instances you launch. The next quiz focuses on instance options and how AWS charges for the service.

The quizzes then focus on three aspects that are relevant to any project involving EC2: data storage, networking, and security. 

Finally, the last quiz session combines all topics and tests your overall knowledge at a more advanced level. While the previous quizzes test your general knowledge about EC2, these the final quiz questions test your ability to apply that knowledge in situations you may encounter. 

We recommend you complete these sessions in quiz mode rather than test mode so that you can review the documentation provided with each question. This way you can not only test your knowledge but add to it as you proceed through each quiz.

You can take the sessions in order, and progress from the service fundamentals to more advanced challenges, or start with any quiz topic that interests you. Contact us at support@cloudacademy.com if you have any questions for us, or want to share your thoughts on this learning path.


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Learning Path Steps


Basic Fundamentals of EC2


Amazon Machine Images (AMI)


Billing and Instance Types


Data Management with EC2


EC2 Networking and Security


Scenario Questions with EC2

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