GDPR: Using AWS Compliance Enabling Services


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Duration 8h 48m

This learning path has been designed to help you meet some of the compliance needs of GDPR using specific compliance enabling services offered by AWS. Using a combination of these services and various security, auditing, alerting, monitoring and reporting features, you will understand how to enforce stringent security processes aligning to compliance controls required when storing personal data. You will be introduced to five different services allowing you to understand what they are used for and how to configure them, as well as an awareness of all of their features to help you implement and maintain your own levels of security at different levels as required. These services include:

  • AWS CloudTrail
  • Amazon Macie
  • Amazon GuardDuty
  • AWS Config
  • Amazon Inspector

Intended Audience
This learning path is intended for anyone who is responsible for maintaing security and complaince to meet specific regulations and controls, including those requried by GDPR

Learning Objectives
This learning path will enable you to: 

  • Identify different AWS Services that can be used to enforce GDPR compliance to meet regulations
  • Configure security services to allow you to meet both internal and external security requirements
  • Implement security methods within your infrastructure to quickly identify potential threats to your resources and data
  • Understand how to safeguard your data from accidental and unintended exposure

What's Included
8 hours of high definition video, 2 hands on labs and a final exam.

It would be beneficial to have a basic awareness and understanding of the following AWS services:

  • Simple Storage Service
  • Identity and Access Management (specifically around policies)
  • AWS CloudWatch
  • Simple Notification Service
  • Key Management Service

This learning path starts by outlining some of the basics surrounding GDPR and how it affects your business before introducing you to the different AWS services that can help you to enable complaince within your infrastructure.

AWS CloudTrail: The primary function of AWS CloudTrail is to record and track all AWS API requests made. These API calls can be programmatic requests initiated from a user using an SDK, the AWS command line interface, from within the AWS management console or even from a request made by another AWS service.

Amazon Macie: The main function of the service is to provide an automatic method of detecting, identifying, and also classifying data that you are storing within your AWS account.

Amazon GuardDuty: Aregional-based intelligent threat detection service which allows users to monitor their AWS account for unusual and unexpected behavior by analyzing AWS CloudTrail event logs, VPC flow logs, and DNS logs. It then uses the data from logs and assesses them against multiple security and threat detection feeds, looking for anomalies and known malicious sources, such as IP addresses and URLs.

AWS Config: Captures and tracks resource changes within your environment along with other useful metadata which is held within a file known as a configuration item, a CI.

Amazon Inspector: This is a managed service that is used to help you find security vulnerabilities within your EC2 instances and any applications running on them during any stage of development and deployment.

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This course provides an introduction to the learning path: GDPR - Using AWS Compliance Enabling Services  It covers an overview of why GDPR is important to your organization as well an insight into the content of the learning path, identifying the different AWS services that will be discussed.    


Any information that helps to secure your Cloud infrastructure is of significant use to security engineers and architects, with AWS CloudTrail you have the ability to capture all AWS API calls made by users and/or services. Whenever an API request is made within your environment AWS CloudTrail can track that request with a host of metadata and record it in a Log which is then sent to AWS S3 for ...


Lab Overview AWS CloudTrail is a service that enables you to log, monitor, and capture API-related events across your AWS infrastructure and most AWS services. Events that CloudTrail captures get delivered to an S3 bucket, and are also available for viewing from the CloudTrail console. CloudTrail captures, creates, modifies, and deletes API calls triggered from the console, API, command line ...


Course Description Amazon Macie was launched in the summer of 2017, much to the delight of cloud security engineers. Amazon Macie is a powerful security and compliance service that provides an automatic method to detect, identify, and classify data within your AWS account. Macie currently supports Amazon S3 storage, however additional support for other storage systems will be developed and added ...


Course Description During AWS re:Invent 2017, AWS launched their 11th security service in the on-going drive to help its customers protect and secure their applications, environments, and accounts. This service was Amazon GuardDuty, a regionally based, intelligent, threat-detection service. This service allows users to monitor their AWS account for unusual and unexpected behavior by analyzing AWS ...


With the ever-changing nature of Cloud Computing in AWS, through the use of Auto Scaling, and self-healing architecture mechanisms, having visibility and awareness of your AWS resources is invaluable. It can be difficult to understand what your resources within your infrastructure looks like, for example: • Understanding what resources you have • Having an awareness of the status of resource ...


Lab Overview AWS Config is a powerful tool in your security and governance toolkit. AWS Config can record and track changes to the configuration of many types of resources in AWS. Config Rules can be used to monitor compliance with your security and governance policies. You can leverage AWS Config managed rules to quickly get started with compliance checking of common policies. You are also able ...


With the ever increasing threats of attacks against the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your data within your organization, the need to ensure strict security procedures and processes is paramount and learn how to use Amazon Inspector is key. AWS offers a wide range of security services to help you achieve the level of security that you need to enforce within your environment, and ...


This provides a summary of the learnign path: GDPR - Using AWS Compliance Enabling Services It summarizes the key objectives that will have been obtained from completing this learning path which covers a number of AWS services


OverviewThis exam will test the concepts, services and methods discussed in the GDPR: Using AWS Compliance Enabling Services. You have 45 minutes to complete 30 multiple-choice questions. You must score 60 percent or higher to pass this exam.Questions will focus on the following topics:AWS CloudTrailAmazon MacieAmazon GuardDutyAWS ConfigAmazon InspectorOnce you begin your exam session:You can ...
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GDPR: Using AWS Compliance Enabling Services
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