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The Get Started Building Cloud Solutions learning path is designed to help you enhance your practical knowledge of the latest AWS tools and services. This learning path assumes a general knowledge of computing and is ideal for students who are looking to broaden their practical knowledge of cloud services, serverless computing, and container services.

First, we learn the fundamental concepts of cloud computing and explore the differences between the various cloud providers. We then build our knowledge of cloud services, starting with the fundamentals of AWS compute and AWS storage. Next, we learn how serverless computing and AWS managed services can be used together to build highly available solutions.

We accelerate your knowledge and ability to use Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and Container Services. With a combination of courses and hands-on labs, we learn to recognize and implement the practical aspects of building serverless solutions. We then progress through to learn to recognize and explain how to select which AWS services could be used in a solution design.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the core concepts of cloud computing and its benefits for business
  • Get a foundational understanding of AWS and learn about its compute and storage capabilities
  • Learn about serverless computing, serverless functions, and how to use AQWS Lambda to scale your code
  • Learn about Amazon API Gateway
  • Learn about containers and how to use them in your cloud environments
  • Get a practical understanding of how to build AWS infrastructure

Intended Audience

This learning path is ideal for students who are looking to broaden their practical knowledge of cloud services, serverless computing, and container services.


This is a beginner-level learning path and so no prior knowledge of cloud computing is required, however, general knowledge of computing would be highly beneficial.


  • 20th May 2019 - Compute Fundamentals for AWS updated to include content on Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) & Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS)
  • May 9, 2018 - Added Learning Path Exam



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Learning Path Steps


This course provides an introduction to Cloud Computing and its key concepts, deployment models, and service models.


Knowledge Check: What is Cloud Computing?


This course will help you determine if the cloud is a good fit for your business by looking at the benefits, constraints and use cases of cloud computing.


Knowledge Check: Should Your Business Move to the Cloud?


This course gives a brief overview of the various services that make up AWS, explaining how they work together.


This course dives into the fundamental elements of AWS compute services, discussing the features and advantages of each one.


Knowledge Check: AWS Compute Fundamentals


This course covers the wide range of storage services within AWS, their key features, and when and why you would use them.


Knowledge Check: AWS Storage Fundamentals


This course explores what serverless computing is and how using the computing resource as a service differs from traditional computing models.


In this course, you'll learn the similarities and differences between AWS, GCP, and Azure serverless functions.


This course on AWS Lambda shows you how to implement solutions and applications using a serverless architecture.


This course explores some of the common use cases for serverless functions and shows how to implement serverless functions in a simple application.


This course delves into implementing a series of AWS Lambda functions to help build your knowledge and familiarity with serverless computing.


In this course, you'll learn how to create and deploy REST APIs via API Gateway to expose HTTP endpoints, AWS Lambda functions, and other AWS services.


Learn how to design, configure, secure and test HTTP endpoints, using AWS Lambda as backend.


This course will take you through what containers are, the benefits of using them, and how to containerize an app.


In this course, you'll learn about the major concepts surrounding containers.


In this course, we will untangle the AWS landscape and teach you everything you need to know to build applications on AWS.


Final Exam: Get Started Building Cloud Solutions

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